February 25, 2015

A tip for the Amsterdammers that like massages…

Amsterdammers! Are you awesome? Do you like massages? 
Want a massage? At work? In the comfort of your own home? All possible!


I’ve got a tip for you….

Contact We Like Massage – killer massages on location and say Dee sent you.

There are different massages available, whether you’d like to leave refreshed or need your sore muscles fixed or just like to relax.


February 24, 2015

Mezrab Cultural Center Amsterdam – HELP!

One of Amsterdam’s coolest cultural centers; Mezrab, needs your help! Sahand Sahebdivani, The founder of the Mezrab is working hard to turn their humble storytelling space into the most active story place of Europe! With 4 days left of the crowdfunding project, 8% of the needed € 25.000,- is still required.

Please read the info below and donate if you can!

After ten years, Mezrab has grown to be the place for storytelling in the Netherlands! However, we’re now bursting at the seams! People are fighting to get a proper place to sit and there’s more demand for food than mama and papa Mezrab can make at home and carry on their bikes.
It’s time to professionalize!

With your help we can move to an amazing space, the funky music hall above our current location: café Pakhuis Wilhelmina, from the first of March 2015! This move would allow us to offer a wider variety of events: music nights, dinners, dance events and storytelling events where everybody can sit.

To make this happen we need to collect enough to take over everything that makes the club a real club. Here’s where you come in. Let your heart (wallet) speak. Think of all the fun you’ve had with us over the years, or if you’re new to the Mezrab, think of all the fun you’re still to have…

In order to take over café Pakhuis Wilhelmina, we still need a minimum of € 25.000. This take over fee is for the music and light equipment, the bar, the instruments, stage, interior, exhauster and all the other things inside this café.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that the Mezrab will change into a commercial space. The weekly storytelling events will stay for free. But the great advantage is that we’ll also have the space to have awesome parties and events with live music, storytelling, theatre, dance and whatever you want!

So, please be generous, join us in creating a new Mezrab @ café Pakhuis Wilhelmina, right above the current Mezrab. A multidisciplinary space where we will work together with you to program extraordinary events at your convenience, for you and your friends taste!
And: you will help us to create the biggest storytelling house of the Netherlands!

Let’s go for it!

Sahand & The Mezrab Team

DONATE: http://voordekunst.nl/vdk/project/view/2981-mezrab-cultural-center-the-expansion 


February 16, 2015

Home Of Art Burenborrel 15-02-2015 -An impression

Home Of Art Burenborrel 15-02-2015

Home Of Art Burenborrel 15-02-2015

Home Of Art Burenborrel 15-02-2015 -Click Here for a photo impression.

Home Of Art is currently open Fr/Sat/Sun 13.00-19.00h, BUT contact us via Facebook if you’d like to visit on appointment.

More info about Home Of Art: https://www.facebook.com/HomeOfArtAmsterdam


February 10, 2015

Home of Art invites its neighbors 15 Feb 15.00-19.00h

Flyer by 56Spaces: http://www.56spaces.com

Flyer by 56Spaces: http://www.56spaces.com

This Sunday  Home of Art invites its neighbors (and of course anyone else that’s interested!) to pass by and meet us. We will use this opportunity to present to you our new interior, arts and artists.

At 17.30 we also proudly present to you the premiere of a new musical project; Eva Aukes & Cecylia Fenrych will bring you a mix of classical music of Chopin, Bach and Batsevich, experimented with live electronic sounds.

Home Of Art mural by Cesium: http://cesium.nu

Home Of Art mural by Cesium: http://cesium.nu

Home of Art is situated at Van Baerlestraat 39H, behind the Museumplein and diagonally across the Royal Concertgebouw.

Home Of Art Location  by Stefania Ballero

Home Of Art Location by Stefania Ballero

More info about Amsterdams coziest Pop Up Art Gallery Home Of Art: https://www.facebook.com/HomeOfArtAmsterdam

February 7, 2015

Taraf de Haïdouks in Paradiso Noord Amsterdam

In 2012 I first wrote about the Tolhuistuin: (click) , In 2014 I co-organised a party there: (click) and now I’d just like to point to you a concert of an amazing band I can’t wait to dance to in the new club on the same complex; Paradiso Noord.

The Taraf de Haïdouks is a group of Gypsy “Lautari” (traditional musicians) who come from the little modest Romanian village of Clejani in the Valachian countryside. Ever since their first visit to Western Europe back in 1991, Taraf de Haïdouks have been considered as the epitome of Gypsy music’s fabulous vitality. They consist of dozen brilliant instrumentalists and singers, with ages ranging roughly from 20 to 80 and the band members seem to have been relatively unaffected by their succes they’ve retained their sense of humour, and their way of life.

Taraf de Haïdouks consists of:
Gheorghe Falcaru: flute
Gheorghe Anghel “Caliu”: violin
Robert Gheorghe: violin
Constantin Lautaru “Costica”: violin, vocals
Marin Manole “Marius”: accordion
P. Marin Manole: accordion, vocals
Filip Simeonov: clarinet
Paul Giuclea “Pasalan”: violin, vocals
Ion Tanase “Ionica”: cimbalom

In their new album “Of Lovers, Gamblers and Parachute Skirts”, Taraf de Haïdouks are revisiting some of the old styles which have enchanted Western audiences on their earlier albums: Gypsy love songs, old-school dance tunes, Turkish-flavoured instrumentals, and poignant Romanian ballads. AND THEY’RE COMING TO AMSTERDAM on Friday February 13 TO PRESENT THEIR NEW ALBUM! Presale has started!

Admission 20, – incl. day membership.
Doors open 19:30
Supporting program: La Manouche @ 20:00
Before and after the favorite gypsy tunes of DJ Tommi

Link to buy tickets (click)
Facebook event page Taraf de Haïdouks @ Paradiso Noord, Tolhuistuin (click)
Taraf de Haïdouks website (click)
Website La Manouche (click)

January 20, 2015

A Mumbai Smiles article- Celebrating Learning!

Education is not all about studying and getting good marks. It goes beyond reading, writing and arithmetic. It is one of the most important investments a country can make in its people and its future and is critical to reducing poverty and inequality. It provides people with critical skills and tools to help them better provide for themselves and their children. If all students in low income countries left school with basic skills 171 million people could be lifted out of poverty!!

Keeping this in mind, an Education Fair was organized by Mumbai Smiles in collaboration with Deloitte Co. for the students of the Future Smiles Project- a Mumbai Smiles project that aims at empowering disadvantaged students through education.

Deloitte employees interacting with the students-Mumbai Smiles

Deloitte employees interacting with the students-Mumbai Smiles

It all began by believing and creating this idea of promoting an educational and intellectual talk among the children for the students of class 5th to 10th grade at St. Rock’s School, in Mumbai, (a school with whom Mumbai Smiles collaborates)

Students enjoying themselves during the fair- Mumbai Smiles

Students enjoying themselves during the fair- Mumbai Smiles

The idea germinated from the need to give more exposure to children in order to help them make informed career choices, know about scientific inventions, improve general knowledge and develop creative thinking skills through competitions and interactions.

Educational game with the students-Mumbai Smiles

Educational game with the students-Mumbai Smiles

The event was organized at St. Rocks’ School ground and was inaugurated by the Executive Director of Mumbai Smiles, Mr. Narendra Dundu, Trustee of St. Rock’s School Mr. Elvis and Principal of St. Rock’s School Mr. Arun Singh. They interacted with the students and encouraged them to take advantage of such events and benefit their careers. The Fair included several stalls like, a Science Stall that gave information about various science projects and first discoveries and inventions, Map Reading Stall that invigorated students to learn about the geographical location of various states and arrange them, General Knowledge Stall where students were given an opportunity to test their general knowledge, Maths Puzzle Game Stall where a variety of math games were arranged for children to learn math in a fun way and finally a Career Counselling stall where various career options were displayed.

Inaugurating the education fair-Mumbai Smiles

Inaugurating the education fair-Mumbai Smiles

Deloitte employees played an important role in implementing the entire event too. As a part of their ‘Impact day’ that is celebrated every year, they engaged 40 of their employees to help Mumbai Smiles conduct this event at the School.

Science Stall at the Education Fair-Mumbai Smiles

Science Stall at the Education Fair-Mumbai Smiles

All these events ensured that the students got a platform to interact, imagine and question about several things and get the right information from reliable source. The school authorities observed that the children were extremely happy to learn as they played. They said that “it was an excellent opportunity for them to involve with learning in a manner that is creative. It felt great to see them be so enthusiastic about participating in various competitions and learn through the models exhibited at the Fair.”

Students exploring the stalls at the fair-Mumbai Smiles

Students exploring the stalls at the fair-Mumbai Smiles

Let’s all continue to promote the idea that education truly has the power to make the world a better place!

More info about Mumbai Smiles: http://www.mumbaismiles.org 

December 22, 2014

Home of Art Amsterdam-official opening tomorrow

Haven’t made much time for blogging, I’ve  been so busy with my very own Pop Up Art Gallery Home of Art!

Home of Art Welcome

Home of Art Welcome

When the opportunity arose to use a space in the Museum District (just across the Concertgebouw, the Royal Concert Building of The Netherlands), the idea to create a “Home of Art” Pop Up Art Gallery was born. After a lot of hard work, we are happy to hereby invite you to the opening of Home of Art on 23 December.

Home of Art combines art and design, old and new and creates a platform by bringing these together. Home of Art exhibits work from artists and designers from a.o. Croatia, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Slovenia, Turkey and United Kingdom.

Home of Art Dishes:Marvin Corneille Photo: 56SPaces Flower art: Chiyuki Kaneko

Home of Art
Dishes:Marvin Corneille
Photo: 56SPaces
Flower art: Chiyuki Kaneko

On Tuesday 23 December 2014 Home of Art is officially opening and we’ve got 2 concerts planned for you that day!

At 14.00 The Balcony Players will play at Home of Art’s balcony. The Balcony Players play energetic Klezmer and Gipsy music, traditional songs and original compositions inspired on their tours through the Balkans, Brasil and the USA.

The Balcony Players@Home of Art, Photo edited by 56Spaces

The Balcony Players@Home of Art, Photo edited by 56Spaces


At 19.00 One of Amsterdam’s freshest singer songwriters Tara Wilts will share her songs and beautiful warm voice at Home of Art.

Tara Wilts@Home of Art, photo edited by 56Spaces

Tara Wilts@Home of Art, photo edited by 56Spaces

Pass by Home of Art, enjoy the homey atmosphere and score your last Christmas presents with us!

Pop Up Art Gallery/ House of Arts is located just behind the Museumplein in Amsterdam and easily to reach.

Home of Art location photo edited by Stefania Ballero

Home of Art location photo edited by Stefania Ballero

Opening hours flexible, but on 23-12-2014: 14.00-22.00h.
Like the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HomeOfArtAmsterdam
JOIN the Facebook event page for our official opening: https://www.facebook.com/events/604443933018496

December 7, 2014

Cell phone tips to pregnant mothers! -A Mumbai Smiles article

Mumbai smiles

Mumbai smiles

Globally, more than one third of under-five deaths are attributable to under-nutrition. About 20 per cent of children under-age five in India are wasted (acute malnutrition), 43 per cent underweight and 48 per cent stunted (chronic malnutrition). In terms of numbers about 54 million children under five years in India are underweight which constitutes about 37% of the total underweight children in the world. In India, 25 million children under five years are wasted and 61 million are stunted, which constitutes 31 per cent and 28 per cent of wasted and stunted children respectively in the world.

It is clear that India is not likely to reach the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), (eight international development goals that were established following the Millennium Summit of the United Nations in 2000) on child malnutrition, which uses children underweight as the indicator.

Since the MDGs were adopted in the year 2000, knowledge on causes and consequences of under-nutrition has greatly improved. Research shows that the most critical cause of malnutrition emerges from nutritional deficiencies during the periods of mother’s pregnancy. Hence intervention at this stage is an opportunity to prevent under-nutrition among children and ensure that they reach appropriate growth levels.

Mumbai Smiles’ vision and mission to alleviate poverty is closely aligned with the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). It aims to achieve their goals through these MDG’s. With this vision Mumbai Smiles has collaborated with Armman foundation and international body MAMA (Mobile Alliance for maternal action) to provide voice-call health advice service for pregnant women and lactating mothers through a project called ‘mMitra’

So how does this work?

The women who register for delivery in this project are called on the phone twice a week and a health message is played to them. Mobiles being ubiquitous in India, it becomes very easy to deliver vital health information directly to the Indian women in the slums.

This project aims at improving the well-being of 7900 pregnant & lactating mothers. Mumbai Smiles will be covering the communities in the slum areas of Andheri East in Mumbai. They will be registering the beneficiaries and then begin the voice call services. So far, 1200 mothers have been registered. The project will attempt to raise awareness about government schemes and services on maternal and child health.

Mumbai Smiles hopes to contribute towards the larger goal of reducing child malnutrition and develop healthy practices among pregnant women.


Registering a beneficiary from the community M-mitra team member explaining a community woman about the project M-mitra beneficiaries M-Mitra beneficiaries with members of Armman foundation and MAMA. Alice Lin Fabiano, Director of Worldwide Corporate Contributions, Johnson  & Johnson (partner in M-Mitra project) interacting with the beneficiaries


November 28, 2014

Home of Art

Our very own Pop Up Art Gallery in the museum district of Amsterdam; Home of Art is opening Soon!

Please LIKE on Facebook
, so I can keep you updated about openingdate and events.

For now, I proudly present our masterpiece; Cesium just finished her mural in Home of Art:


November 18, 2014

Home of Art – Pop Up Art Gallery in Amsterdam

Opening soon in Amsterdam;

Home of Art  LOGO by 56spaces http://www.56spaces.com

Home of Art
LOGO by 56spaces

Home of Art Pop Up Front by DLCS http://dlcs.eu

Home of Art Pop Up Front
by DLCS http://dlcs.eu

LIKE the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/popupams to stay updated.


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