I do find a pretty building pretty, but I don’t find the building much more impressive live than on a pic.

I can appreciate art or architecture, but I don’t want to spend a vacation or citytrip studying it. Call me ignorant, dumb or crazy, but I don’t FEEL beautiful paintings. Don’t get tears in my eyes or feel shivers when I experience art that can make others ecstatic. I do/can feel incredibly happy when I taste new flavours, when I eat honest food or when I drink a good glass of alcohol….

I would like to travel the world.
(Well, who wouldn’t? )
But I would like to travel the world to taste local food.
That the locals eat.
To taste REAL flavours,
to find food that hasn’t been produced in a factory,
or for tourists.

The Eiffel tower didn’t mean more to me when I saw it live for the first time. I liked Paris, but I didn’t love it as I heard other people do. I got curious to find out if those croissants and baguettes are really much better than the ones I know. Curious if the wine tastes better than the French wine sold abroad…

Since my first visit to Paris was short and I had some obligations, I went there without expectations and without wishes of what I HAD to see. I just really wanted to have some baguettes with cheese, a good glass of wine and a croissant. Thanks to this I saw much more than I thought I would and I can say I liked Paris and I would love to go back. At the end I did see some pretty buildings and beautiful architecture (even made pics!), but my culinary experiences are a much better memory to me.

The brie was the best I ever had, the baguettes were good bread and I drank some lovely red Bordeaux, haven’t tried white. And yes, a drinkable bottle of French wine is definitely cheaper and better than outside France. I still think of the heavenly confit de canard I had. The side-dishes were totally plain and could be literally called side-dishes, but the duck Oh my…! Greasy, but not too.. flavorous… hmmm… That piece of duck MADE my first trip to Paris. Together with the Eau-de-vie-de-poire-Wiliams I had. THAT just tasted magical and YES, was absolutely worth the € 10,-!  

Also I was told I should try a crème brûlée and I did. The bistro I ate at was pretty cheap and not very luxurious and I found the crème brûlée dissapointing. I will give it another try and would like to taste a homemade one, but so far I find crème caramel, flan, crema Catalana or the Italian pannacota or  Croatian rozata much more impressive, even though they are slightly different.

What is YOUR Paris-experience? Do you like Paris? What is it that attracts you-or not? And did you have a culinary experience en Paris?