I figured out eating bread for lunch every day adds kilo’s. I’m a person that looooooves food and unfortunately am not blessed with a great metabolism or a bodyshape that can handle eating anything. I do eat about everything. I’m jealous of the Bento addicts…I’m too lazy to make such art-pieces for my lunch at the office every day, but I’d love to eat them. I should try to make one on a Sundaymorning or something.. More info about Bento soon. Check Wikipedia for a definition!

Sometimes I bring leftovers or warm soup in the microwave or get a raw herring or fried fish or even a burger or meatball… (less fattening than Dutch bread!- if with moderation) ..or make a salad (but then I end up too lightheaded if I go training after work).

What are your alternatives for eating the Dutch sandwich-with-cheese (or peanutbutter?)? What do you have for lunch if you don’t eat bread/a sandwich? What should I eat for lunch not to get too fat?

Sometimes you just NEED to spoil yourself….This is how I did it today;

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