For a change…

I figured out eating bread for lunch every day adds kilo’s. I’m a person that looooooves food and unfortunately am not blessed with a great metabolism or a bodyshape that can handle eating anything. I do eat about everything. I’m jealous of the Bento addicts…I’m too lazy to make such art-pieces for my lunch at the office every day, but I’d love to eat them. I should try to make one on a Sundaymorning or something.. More info about Bento soon. Check Wikipedia for a definition!

Sometimes I bring leftovers or warm soup in the microwave or get a raw herring or fried fish or even a burger or meatball… (less fattening than Dutch bread!- if with moderation) ..or make a salad (but then I end up too lightheaded if I go training after work).

What are your alternatives for eating the Dutch sandwich-with-cheese (or peanutbutter?)? What do you have for lunch if you don’t eat bread/a sandwich? What should I eat for lunch not to get too fat?

Sometimes you just NEED to spoil yourself….This is how I did it today;

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6 Responses to “For a change…”

  1. Since I moved to an African country, I eat a warm meal for lunch. In Uganda they have perfectly fresh vegetables like spinach and pumpkin and tomatoes from our garden. Mix this with some fresh steamed fish from the lake and the local ‘matoke’ (steamed plantane), and you have a very fresh and healthy, local lunch! In the evening we usually eat fresh fruit like pineapples, mango’s and passion fruit with some tea (and chocolate, I must ad) :) Morning is avocado from our own garden with toast and fruit (mango’s from the backyard!). I feel very energized and healthy with my new local diet!

  2. I did it again yesterday.
    And I had to stop myself! I could spend hundreds of Euro’s on sushi weekly…

    This kind of meal gives me so much energy and makes me feel happy aswell..

    Chuka Wakame is my new favourite salad since my last sushi-bar visit but now I discovered something even more amazing… Black seaweed salad (the Dutchies weren’t picking this, I must admit it looks kind of freaky), with Lotus, sesame seeds and chilli… Oh My.. I could eat this every day! My best friend online (Google ofcourse) just thought me what I ate yesterday; Hijiki. And look at this; it makes sense, I SHOULD eat this every day!


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