Sometimes I’m proud to be part of such a multicultural society.
Sometimes it all doesn’t make sense… like now! 

FunX  RADIO (Check & listen here !) is a Dutch radio station which is in fact the most popular radio station in the biggest cities amongst youngsters; Amsterdam (96.1 FM), Rotterdam (91.8 FM) , Den Haag (98.4 FM) and Utrecht (96.1 FM).
They play a lot of international music, address the youth of the 190 nationalities that The Netherlands house, bring up sensitive and important topics, educate, inform and they are more than just a radio station, more than a medium, they are a platform,  a way to reach the most important group of inhabitants, the youth. Note that they don’t only play “mixed” or international music, (online) they also offer FunX Arab, FunX Dance, FunX Desi, FunX Fusion, FunX Hiphop, FunX Latin, FunX Reggae, FunX Slow Jamz, as well as local stations for the big cities mentioned above. So the music they offer is almost something for everyone, right? Face it; the Dutch future does not only consist of native Dutch youth anymore, a multicultural society is our present, our future…  So without mentioning names but looking to the right; since we created the mass-immigration, let’s deal with it. So let’s embrace all the different cultures, try to understand them and communicate together! FunX is the melting pot of all the mixed beauty in The Netherlands. Let’s keep it that way!

The cabinet has decided that FunX will no longer receive subsidies from the government. The whole cultural sector is actually f#cked by the new rules. “So what’s the problem?” I can hear you think. “If FunX is so popular, they don’t need any subsidies?” Yeah well fine, I think FunX could find a way to financially manage, they claim to have 500.000 fans and are trying to prove that now (Read on to see how YOU can help!) , but it is not fair that the government is taking away their FM frequencies! Because of this, it is impossible for FunX to even become an independent commercial station.

In the period of upcoming elections, when political parties needed votes, many ministers found their way to FunX, to promote themselves to the listeners, to pretend they cared about the issues the youth in The Netherlands care about, but now, when the government decided that FunX is not important, where are those politicians? FunX was good enough to be used as a promotional tool during political campaigns, why don’t those politicians come up with a way to keep FunX? Is there for example any other way in the Netherlands to simply reach so many youngsters? And how come much less popular stations for elderly can continue their existence and get subsidised? Are the elderly more important than the youngsters, the future? Or is this because FunX is for and by MULTICULTURAL youngsters?

Support FunX! Download the FREE app on your smartphone to show you care!
Go to with your smartphone or to the app store (available for IPhone/IPad/IPod/ Android/ Blackberry/ soon also for Nokia) to download the FunX app. No smartphone? Download the FREE online app over here;


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