A Sunday in Amsterdam.

There were 4 people in the line at the cigarette counter and 4 people in line of a register,1 register was closed.

I mentioned loud enough for all customers & the 2 girls behind the register that I was the 5th in line so I should get my shopping for free. I just read this on a poster. The 2 girls heard me, the lady behind me agreed, the 2 girls whispered something to each other after which the Somalian-looking-and-usually-very-friendly-girl working behind her register used the mic to call for another register to open.

I was first at the new register and asked the 3rd girl if I would get my shopping for free. She called her manager D. (I shouldn’t mention his name here, right?), who explained me I’m wrong & called the boss because I disagreed with him. This grumpy old man (The “boss”) tried to fight me why I was wrong. He  said there were people together and theres a 3rd register open now, no-one is going to get free shopping now, so “why are we even talking about this?” … Ofcourse I counted the couple in front of me as 1, as well as the woman with the small child. He said I shouldn’t care about a few cents while they are working hard. It wasn’t about the money for me, I  know what working hard is, but this store promotes itself with the fact the 5th customer gets his shopping for free and even positions himself with it’s client-friendliness. I don’t know how the other subsidiaries work but if they do what they promise, they should be ashamed of their Amsterdam subsidiary. I was not planning to get my shopping for free so ofcourse I paid for the stuff I was intending to buy. I did tell the old man he’s a cheater and wished him a lovely day.

Next time I’ll visit a supermarket, it might not be the Jumbo.











After checking their rules, see here (in Dutch) , I came to the conclusion that not the 5th  but the 4th customer should get the shopping for free! What does this pic from their website up here tell you?