False marketing & customer-unfriendliness

A Sunday in Amsterdam.

There were 4 people in the line at the cigarette counter and 4 people in line of a register,1 register was closed.

I mentioned loud enough for all customers & the 2 girls behind the register that I was the 5th in line so I should get my shopping for free. I just read this on a poster. The 2 girls heard me, the lady behind me agreed, the 2 girls whispered something to each other after which the Somalian-looking-and-usually-very-friendly-girl working behind her register used the mic to call for another register to open.

I was first at the new register and asked the 3rd girl if I would get my shopping for free. She called her manager D. (I shouldn’t mention his name here, right?), who explained me I’m wrong & called the boss because I disagreed with him. This grumpy old man (The “boss”) tried to fight me why I was wrong. He  said there were people together and theres a 3rd register open now, no-one is going to get free shopping now, so “why are we even talking about this?” … Ofcourse I counted the couple in front of me as 1, as well as the woman with the small child. He said I shouldn’t care about a few cents while they are working hard. It wasn’t about the money for me, I  know what working hard is, but this store promotes itself with the fact the 5th customer gets his shopping for free and even positions himself with it’s client-friendliness. I don’t know how the other subsidiaries work but if they do what they promise, they should be ashamed of their Amsterdam subsidiary. I was not planning to get my shopping for free so ofcourse I paid for the stuff I was intending to buy. I did tell the old man he’s a cheater and wished him a lovely day.

Next time I’ll visit a supermarket, it might not be the Jumbo.












After checking their rules, see here (in Dutch) , I came to the conclusion that not the 5th  but the 4th customer should get the shopping for free! What does this pic from their website up here tell you?

5 Responses to “False marketing & customer-unfriendliness”

  1. How hypocrite! I suggest you print out that leaflet, and go back. Be assertive, yet friendly. If ‘the boss’ still denies you your right, decide he is a bastard and /or write a letter to your local newspaper. It is not about the money, but the whole principle! by the way:i wonder when they install those measures here in ugandan :) Suerte!

  2. 1.: I was more thinking AT5 (Local Amsterdam tv- and news- channel)…

    2.: The shitty thing is they’re the only place in Amsterdam that sells Slovenian wine AAARGH!!!

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  4. It’s time to contact the management!
    Look what I got in my inbox just now;

    Jumbo: klantvriendelijkste supermarkt
    28 september 2011

    Jumbo is uitgeroepen tot de klantvriendelijkste supermarkt 2011. We zijn ontzettend trots op deze onderscheiding en het is voor ons een prachtig bewijs dat we op de juiste weg zijn. Tevens is deze prijs voor ons een stimulans om het nog beter te doen. Elke dag opnieuw.

    Initiatiefnemers van de verkiezing van het klantvriendelijkste bedrijf zijn MarketResponse en Egbert Jan van Bel (auteur van het boek ’Kloteklanten’ en kerndocent Beeckestijn Business School). Aan de verkiezing is een onderzoek onder 2500 consumenten voorafgegaan. Deze personen is gevraagd naar klantvriendelijke ervaringen in 2011 en om deze te beoordelen op de vijf Gouden Regels van klantvriendelijkheid:

    1. Wees beschikbaar als de klant daarom vraagt
    2. Kom de belofte, die je in reclame maakt, na
    3. Doe niet moeilijk over formaliteiten of als de klant wil ruilen
    4. Geef je fouten toe en los ze op juiste wijze op
    5. Val de klant niet onnodig lastig

    Dudes…. you’re liars!!!!!!!!


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