Pure Pact by Veggie in Pumps at De Culinaire Werkplaats

As announced, Lisette Kreischer of (amongst others) Veggie in Pumps (http://www.veggieinpumps.com), invited me to the official presentation and Dutch product- launch of Pure Pact; a new organic haircare productline (http://www.purepact.nl). Last Tuesday this happening took place at De Culinaire Werkplaats in Amsterdam (http://www.deculinairewerkplaats.nl).


I can’t give you my opinion on the products yet, I’ll take my time to test them and will keep you posted. Everyone who I’ve met who tried the products though, was super-enthusiastic, amongst which Dianne te Mebel, director and owner of Instituut Haar en Gezondheid (http://www.instituuthaarengezondheid.nl), a hair-saloon in Amsterdam which specialises in working with (and particularly painting with) natural products. They are one of Holland’s first saloons to use Pure Pact.

If Pure Pact is as good and honest as they say (100% purity allows raw material to activate long after application. 100% pure organics – from herbs, plants, flowers and fruits – extracted with the newest technologies for the purest result, preserve the maximum from nature’s gifts for cosmetic use), I’ll become a fan. I’ll let you know! My comment so far is that I wonder what is the meaning of all those ingredients on the packages… is it all truly biological and ecological? Minus; I want to know what’s in the products I use and I’m not a scientist.


Lisette, now I’ve met you live, I’m even more impressed with your style. You know how to market a product and organise an event. No, to create an experience! Of course she didn’t do it alone, so big up for the whole team of Veggie in Pumps; I also had the pleasure to meet Amadea, Dieke and Marloes.

As expected, I love the location the event took place at; De Culinaire Werkplaats is a beautiful experience on its own, their team made very good vegan snacks to trigger all senses, with flavours connecting to the Pure Pact products. For example;a “cocktail” of black carrot, lime and cres, a “spoonfull” explosion of chocolate, strawberry and mint, or vegan “bitterballen” with quinoa and sesame and soy-yoghurtsauce- very impressive! This has been the first time I liked a soya-“dairy”-product. My favourite snack was chips made of lotus root. I’d never seen a fresh lotus root so I asked Eric Meursing (together with Marjolein Wintjes he is creator of de Culinaire Werkplaats), where I could buy one and he gave me one. I’ll also let you know what I did with it soon! Also I would like to thank the beautiful “Kleine Medewerker” of De Culinaire Werkplaats, because she seemed to put passion and love in the lovely snacks she was making. They turned me on!

I met some interesting and inspiring people at this excellent networking event ; June, with her stylish blog on tips and ideas on ethical fashion, eco beauty, fair food en eco travel;   (http://www.followjune.nl) , Liv, a “beautyblogger”, who blogs about natural cosmetics, ethical fashion and pure food; (http://puraliv.blogspot.com), I also met two lovely ladies from Den Haag & Rotterdam (forgot your names, sorry!), one of them is working together with Lisette to develop an innovative and unique concept, I’ll see if they’ll allow me to write about that when the development hits a next stage. And last but not least, thank you Dieke for the nice head & shoulders massage! Very relaxing and very recommendable(http://www.salonphysique.nl).

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7 Responses to “Pure Pact by Veggie in Pumps at De Culinaire Werkplaats”

  1. Hi,

    I was there at the launch too. I already use Pure Pact for more than a month. I like the results but it is not a totally natural porduct. Like Lisette said in her presentation it is a bridge between pure natural products and the cheap chemical shampoos you can buy everywhere. I think that is true. But for example, sodium C14-C16 olefin sulfonate, is still a sulfate like sodium laureth sulfate and the effects are quite the same. But they do add more organic ingredients than others, the ingredients are vegan proof and they consider the environment by using bio degradable packaging. It is a good alternative for most shampoos but it is certainly not all natural.

  2. Hey Lesley,

    thank you for your excellent explanation! I was planning to still add some text with a quote from Lisette, but that’s not necessary anymore thanks to your comment. I still wonder what kind of effect Pure Pact will have on my hair and I’m happy I’m not a marketeer.


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