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In 1875 two architects were commissioned to design the station. They were P.J.H. Cuypers and A.L. van Gendt. The two architects divided the work: Cuypers designed the station building with a monumental façade, while Van Gendt planned the construction, including the station roofs and viaducts on both sides of the station. (Tourist TIP: Did you ever see a picture of the Rijksmuseum and Amsterdam Central Station next to each other? Go ahead, make the picture and compare them!)

IT’s been 7 years! But from NOW on we’ll be able to enter the Central Station through the main entrance again! After all the chaos of construction, espcecially on the “entrance” of Amsterdam, thi will feel like a luxuoury! Unfortunately it will take untill 2018 untill Amsterdam Central Station will be free of construction.

The Station Island already plays host to around 250,000 passengers a day. In a few years, this will have increased to 300,000. The decision to build the North/South Line was the reason to examine the position of the Station Island as a whole. It seemed a large-scale upgrade was necessary to enable the island to remain a well-functioning interchange in the future.

Future impression of the “Stationseiland” of Amsterdam Central Station

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