Taking a bath..

This picture, which I found on http://www.columbusmagazine.nl ( Thanks for sharing it with me & us!), a Dutch magazine on travelling and tourism, is soooooo freaky, I had to share it with you. Kind of speaks for itself, right? I remember that time I saw a girl with a “pet”-snake around her neck, my friend went to touch it and when I came closer I couldn’t move anymore and started sweating.. Is this an anaconda?

Thai boy...

Thai boy...

Do YOU like snakes?

7 Comments to “Taking a bath..”

  1. If it is in thailand i would say python, anacondas belong to the south americas.

  2. Ha thank you. To me it’s just a really huge creepy giant snake. I copied the picture & assumed it’s made in thailand like the magazine said, but of course I’m not sure..

  3. It´s a freaky picture, but i´m pretty sure that they have cooled the snake down or sedated it in some way :)

  4. some people do love keeping exotic-usually dangerous-animals for pets but I am not in favor of snakes. I couldn’t imagine sleeping while they lurk around corners. They are creepy in every sense of the word. I’m thinking of having lions though. heheh. btw thanks for the “like”

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