Puur Restaurant Week

Puur Restaurant Week

Puur Restaurant Week

The Puur Restaurant Week (The Pure Restaurant Week), is a week in which more than 300 restaurants in The Netherlands offer a “pure” menu next to their regular menu as well, in which biological, fairtrade and  sustainably caught fish play a central role. In this week the price of the menu is not relevant,but the story behind the products is. The Puur Restaurant Week takes place in The Netherlands from 14 until 20 November 2011.

On November 9 the election of The Netherlands most pure Restaurant will happen, and I will keep you updated about that! (Thx again, Lisette! )

OOOow ooops and Happy , beautiful, healthy & tasty birthday Lisette ( http://www.lisettekreischer.com/ & http://twitter.com/#!/veggieinpumps )!!!

Don’t know who Lisette is? WHAT? You haven’t read my articles.
Check this one out; https://dlcsmanagement.wordpress.com/2011/07/22/i-want-it-all-inspired-by-holland%e2%80%99s-sexiest-vegan/

More info; http://www.puurrestaurantweek.nl

All the participating resturants; http://www.puurrestaurantweek.nl/restaurants.html


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  1. Interesting site. I’ll be back for a longer read 🙂


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