Feel Good musicheta

fog…darkness…stress.. you know.

Sometimes you NEEEED to listen to some feel-good-musicheta to pimp your mood. What do YOU listen to then?

Here’s my new favourite;


I’m pretty proud I found a great song not yet posted on my favourite blog Gypsylyrics, but I’m not as good as Mr (mrs??) Gipsylyrics. Come on, my friend, do what you’re good at; Who’s that singer? What are the lyrics? Where’s the song from?  Can you find a clip?

6 Comments to “Feel Good musicheta”

  1. Hello! That’s a challange :) I found many versions of this song, I should do a bigger research but I would say that is a traditional song from Serbia. The band Kal has another great version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWGT4x-STYU hope you like it too. ;)

    Best regards,

    Mrs Gypsylyrics ;)

  2. Thank you!!!!
    Wow you’re a Mrs…a Mrs or a Miss? Now you got me curious! :) In Europe, right?
    For some reason I’ve assumed you’re a Mr and I see now I just didn’t read your “about” well.. thx for following!

  3. Actually I’m a Miss from Spain. Although in my country this music is quite unknown, because whenever you talk about Gypsy music, people automatically associate it with flamenco. Actually my dance teachers are from other countries, I wish I could practice this dances more often. I don’t want to include flamenco in my blog because there are lots of materials about it on the web, so there is no point. I choosed to include materials form the gypsies of Hungary, The Balcans (Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia…etc) and Russia. But there are lots of gypsy music in Turkey for example, although the rythm is different, or in India (Rajastan) where there is a dance called Kalbelia. I wish I could have this song in my blog but I can’t find the lyrics… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qp3sMNpNO28.

  4. Wow well encantada! Same counts for The Netherlands. Mostly known over here is Gypsy Jazz Django R style. I know that song from the local amsterdam radio where they have at least an hour of gipsy music a day. :)

    I was thinking about you last night when I was watching Gipsy Caravan (again!) …. For sure you’ve see it? (http://www.gypsycaravanmovie.com ) That moment when Juana, the aunt of Antonio el Pipa explains what is Duende… beautiful! :) and I didn’t even know yet you’re from the same country..

  5. Oh and did you ever listen to Oyku & Berk ???

  6. I know the documaentary but I didn’t see it! I couldn’t found it yet :( I love the quote about duende! I’m so agree!
    I didn’t know this band, I’m gonna chek it out now! :)


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