Havana Cultura & Gilles Peterson in the Sugar Factory in Amsterdam

Have you ever heard of Gilles Peterson? You might “know” him, just like me, as Jazz-dj with a great taste of music,saying; This is Worldwide,  from London to Japan…. Gilles Peterson is born in 1964 in France, resides in London and does much more than just dj-ing; he collects records, owns a record label, is a broadcaster and he he has been associated with the careers of amongst others Erykah Badu and Jamiroquai. He started off in the ‘80’s in the pirate radio movement in South London and is currently a worldwide legend. 

Since 2009 he has been collaborating with Havana Club to bring the best of Havana’s musical talent to an international audience through album production, live performances and much more. The Havana Cultura project tours all around the world with Gilles Peterson’s Havana Cultura Band, featuring some of today’s best Cuban musicians and artists (Check all the artists from A to Z HERE ) Taking modern Cuban music (that’s a combination of classical Cuban music mixed with jazz, son, salsa, rumba, reggaeton, hip-hop, and timba; totally danceable and completely “my thing”…) out of the studio and onto the dance floor, Gilles Peterson teamed up with Havana Cultura to present Havana Cultura Remixed in 2009, a double album of tracks from his previous album re-imagined by some of the world’s hottest DJs, recorded in the historic Havana studio Egrem and featuring more than 15 rising stars of the Cuban music scene. The 2nd cd was released on November 14 2011.

The kickoff of the European tour recently took place on November 17 last in Amsterdam, and for me it has been one of the best parties of the year.  After Amsterdam London, Paris, Berlin and Istanbul were next.

The Sugar Factory in Amsterdam (yes, it used to be a sugar factory,) has been one of my favourite places to go out to ever since I started going out, and it still has its charm. The concert was held over there and it was super intimate. The band was great, especially Danay, rapper/singer, who lost her voice right before the concert, was amazing. I felt so bad for her, but she really tried to sing anyway. I was grateful she still gave us the chance to hear and see her. I was aware of the fact her voice was not optimal and yet I loved her singing so I cannot wait to hear her again. I even doubted to folllow the European tour and check out the concert last weekend in Berlin too…. I’m a fan!

Gilles Peterson created a unique concept with this project. I loved the fact that the concert took place in a nightclub-setting and turned into a wild party with good dj’s instead of having to sit down and listen to a concert. If the Havana Cultura project/band passes your neighbourhood, don’t doubt. Buy a ticket. Go dance. Sweat! I promise you won’t be dissapointed!

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More info;
Havana Cultura http://www.havana-cultura.com
Interview with/info on Danay Suarez
Sugar Factory http://www.sugarfactory.nl

4 Comments to “Havana Cultura & Gilles Peterson in the Sugar Factory in Amsterdam”

  1. Great post! So you deejay do you? Ha! What do you play? You might like to listen to some of my tracks on http://www.alisonboston.wordpress.com There’s some live improv, acapella, spoken word, PrimaLuceNoise (I like that as a music genre! :-) Just did a remote collaboration with a guy from Belgium – Collaboration:Easier Said (than done):DeepMan Mix. Itt’s posted on the blog. If you want a download – let me know.

    You’ll get round to trying the breakfast on the run someday – though with your lifestyle, :-) I suggest you try it for supper or a late night snack after partying :-) or Sunday brunch ? with one of those energetic friends of yours. :-)

    • Haha no I’m not an artist… I do food, I make food, I eat food :) I party and I can dance the night away when I truly feel the music (Next dancing session is planned for tomorrow night). I’m a-musical I think..actually I love music but I never made any. Is it laztyness? Don’t know.. tried some percussion but my percussion friends are so amazing I rather dance to their beats. Thx for the link, will check your other blog out.

      Breakfast today; coffee. Woke up late & had to rush ;)


      I DID IT! I made the dried wakame for (supper is dinner, right?)..well last night. I love it! I think I actually ate it this way before , I know the flavour. It was supercool to see the greens grow :) I made an Improv stirfry dish of ricenoodles, the dried wakame, sesameseeds, bamboo, garlic, ginger and soy sauce. Even my company who’s Mediterranean and not at all into spices & Asian flavours as I am, loved it. I said in advance “You might not like it, it’s an experiment” and after the first bite I was asked; Why did you put so little on my plate.. HAHA This dish was excellent by the way, just missing chilli, but that’s ’cause of the company.

      Took Friday next off (Yes, ’cause of the partying) & will have sleepovers, so time or an extensive breakfast..

  2. Thought I read in your post that you were a deejay – must have misunderstood. Glad the wakame worked for you. I don’t put so much dried hot chili that it tastes hot, just enough to activate flavors.

  3. If I’d be a dj you’d be dancing to Gipsy tunes, Balkan beats, some Latin with lots of instruments mixed with some live percussion or a live MC with a sexy voice. :)

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