BBC documentaries fake?

I’m a bit shocked.

I know the too- beautiful- to- be-true- nature – ocumentaries-of- the-BBC are often too beautiful to be true, meaning; directed.

I also know that the link I’m going to drop below is from The Sun, which is like the Dutch De Telegraaf (Which i dare to admit to read about daily, online), not the most reliable newspaper. Yet. Have I been so amazed by fake images???


4 Comments to “BBC documentaries fake?”

  1. This doesn’t surprise me! The polar bear must be one of many other examples of fake images… it’s BBC! And the whole documentary is impregnated with this anti climate-change propaganda… it’s a new industry and BBC turns it into a palatable mass communication scoop… Like the story of that wretched bear who swims and swims in the ocean and eventually dies… Of course this might be true, but it simply provokes pity, while what we need for life to continue in the planet is to be responsible in our daily life, react, don’t watch BBC, boicot albert heijn, make demos against nuclear power plants, etc…!!!

  2. Fake images and fake footage is nothing new when it comes to portraying wildlife.
    If the crew can´t get the shot/action they want, they will often help “mother nature” so they can get what they came for.
    Personally i don´t think its right but i can somehow understand it.

  3. It’s The Sun for crying out loud! :-) Ha ha ha! Did you watch the series?

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