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My favourite food festival is Krompirjeva noč, “potato night”, in the village of Veliko Ubeljsko in Slovenia. Of course it’s all about potatoes (The Dutch would love this festival!) It starts around noon and finishes somewhere the next morning. You pay a few euro’s entrance and can eat as much of the potato dishes as you want.  Throughout the day there are about a dozen of different (simple, peasant) potato dishes, from soup to fries with panceta, potato stew and much more. All neighbouring villages visit (you can find a “lost” Italian,they always find good food,but basically there will not be any tourists), there’s something to do for everyone, games for children, cards competitions for the men, music for the youth. The best fries I’ve ever had, were over here.

For which food- festivals or events is your region known? Where are you from?

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12 Responses to “Food- festivals & events”

  1. Tuscany is famous for its Food-Festivals, in italian they are called “sagre” for a lot of kind of typical tuscan food and drinks as olive oil, Wines,Ribollita soup, Tortelli, mushrooms recipe, chestnuts recipes, wild boar meat, capriolo meat, sausages, pecorino cheese and any kind od tuscan sweets as cantucci, panforte, panpepato, ricciarelli and cavallucci, torta coi bischeri and more !!!

  2. In Istria there are white truffle festivals; in Dalmatia all kinds of fisherman festivals with local fish and squid and lobster; back home in New England, clam chowder festivals are always popular.

  3. oo and tell me, do you know where exactly do you have festivities around lobster?

  4. Food festivals have really took off in the UK in the last few years and especially this time of year. Chester German market is always a winner, the best place to get some Christmas meat. I do love the sound of a potato festival, the possibilities are endless.

  5. Exciting. Will defintely be back

  6. I remember seeing this post on one of my visits to your site 🙂 (I don’t always comment or click ‘Like’ – sorry). I think there’s an International food festival here. Apple (cider) festivals? You know, I think it’s weird that I write about food because I’m not really a foodie – but then maybe I am more of a foodie that I realize, just not your typical foodie.
    I should write about the food I ate in Hungary – if I could remember all the names! 🙂 Have you been to Hungary? Interesting cuisine.

    • No, haven’t been to Hungary yet, but I did visit the Croatian side of the border and culinary seen it’s a bit similar.

      You are by the way SUCH A FOODIE! And with foodie I mean someone that enjoys food and can be really passionate about food. Well you’re one of those. I don’t know what is a typical foodie, isn’t it lovely we all got different taste?

      • Yeah, guess I am a foodie in that regard – but what I mean is I am not a foodie in that I don’t really go looking for exotic foods – not one for lavish restaurants and gourmet shops. I like basic, down home cooking – from a variety of countries 🙂 I would have enjoyed the potato fest!

      • I simply love both 😉 I don’t care if food is prepared in a poor mans kitchen with only few ingredients or by a gourmet cook. If it’s good,it’s good and I love it.


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