Christmas Carols and goosebumps; Snowapple

After a busy wknd I did not plan to spend Sunday night outside the house. But… I had already heard that there would be a good band (that I had never heard about) playing in a local “brown café”. The name “brown café” comes from the dark but cosy wooden interiors and the nicotine-stained walls and ceilings  (Explanation from IAmsterdam over HERE), a must-see if you’re a tourist in Amsterdam.

Spontaneously I decided to have a drink and check out the band anyway. Luckily! I was not dissapointed.

The 3 young, fresh and non-stop smiling ladies of the Dutch band Snowapple, are incredibly talented, they have a lot of fun when they perform and theycreate a happy atmosphere. They play with their voices, they’re multi- talented, they play dozens of instruments together (From guitar to ukelele, mandoline,  klokkenspiel, accordeon to violin- and for sure much more) and they definitely know how to give a show. They gave me goosebumps when they sang A capella, they used their voices as instruments, I FELT their music.  They’re all singer-songwriters and despite their young ages they are already experienced professionals. If you ever get the chance to check them out, do so! They describe their style as Cowboy Christmas and it was surely a pleasure to listen to.

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I had the feeling the audience of the bar was not the audience they generally are used to perform for, and yet they got the place to rock! For € 6,- I bought one of their Christmas cd’s so I can enjoy them at home too.

Fanny de Ruijter
Una Bergin
Laurien Schreuder


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