I’ll have to get myself a pergola like that…


6 Responses to “Pergola”

  1. Impressive winter rations. It’s making me hungry.

  2. The windows are open! I wonder how cold it is? Must be cold enough to keep the meat?

    Before we got married, we had a VW which we bought for $100 in the dark. On the way home, I mentioned to J. that I could see the street below my boots… He wouldn’t let me drive that car, but it was a very cold winter and I used it as a freezer for soups and casseroles…

    • I visited the neighbour (A “honey-man” which I’ll write about soon too), and the first thing I saw was this amazing pergola. The panceta’s (bacon) and prsuts (ham) were already salted and (partially?) dried, so yes they would last without a problem. At least untill summer. Generally though, this drying process is done in an attic or shed, wherever it’s cool, dark and dry. I asked the honey-man about his neighbours meat, and he told me he has no idea why he hangs everything outside like this, probably just to show off :p I’d be worried ’bout wild animals..this was a village with quite some traffic, but still..

      Anyway it was Christmas vacation in North Croatia, it was about 15C in daytime, lovely! In the sun the temperature felt like 20C though..

      Hilarious your huge-freezer story :) Could be a solution for me too; I live in a tiny studio without space for a big (enough) fridge or freezer..unfortunately also no garden to park the van. HAHA


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