Blue Monday is a name given to a date stated,  to be the most depressing day of the year.

According to a press release by a mental health charity, the formula for Blue Monday is:

\frac{[W + D-d] T^Q}{M N_a}

Where weather=W, debt=d, time since Christmas=T, time since failing our new years’ resolutions=Q, low motivational levels=M and the feeling of a need to take action=Na. ‘D’ is not defined in the release, nor are units.

The date was calculated by using many factors, including: weather conditions, debt level (the difference between debt accumulated and our ability to pay), time since Christmas, time since failing our new year’s resolutions, low motivational levels and feeling of a need to take action.

This date allegedly falls on the Monday of the last full week of January. In 2012 there is some confusion about the date; is it January 16 or 23 ?

Blue lobster by Leslie Ricker
Blue lobster by Leslie Ricker


So maybe Blue Monday is the day to be a bit nicer to yourself and others. To make yourself feel positive.  What will you do? Bake a cake? Treat yourself to an extra nice lunch? Plan your summer vacation? To sort your holiday photos? To dance? To have a drink with friends?


In Amsterdam for example, you can join the attempt of organising the worlds’ biggest laughing- meditation-session in worldfamous club and former church Paradiso. Starts in about an hour, free entrance and guided by Belgian “laughingcoach” Geert van der Vijver. If you’re free and in (or around)  Amsterdam (you can still make it, you are  on cyclingdistance and the sun is shining!)  and Coffeechain Bagels and Beans offer free lightingtherapy today.


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