L’attirail en Paris

Remember my first visit to Paris?

No? Or you just “tuned in”? Check out my 1st Paris experience HERE.

Since I hope to visit Paris again this year, I was in touch with an old acquaintance to find out where I had eaten my first confit de canard. AND I got the address! If you go to Paris, and you would like to eat simple French food, or you’re on a budget, or you don’t feel like a fancy restaurant but do apreciate good food and you don’t mind a dark, cozy “underground” atmosphere, you’ll love this place as much as I did. It’s not next to all the big tourist-sites, but it’s worth the metroride. Unfortunately when I was there there was no live music, nor can I find an agenda online, but they have regular performances (with free entrance!) , including Gipsy music, as you know my favourite music.

If you manage to pass by, let me know what you think of the walls! Oh yeah and a final tip; Drink a glass of red house wine. No beer.

L'attirail Paris

L'attirail Paris

L’ATTIRAIL is open every day from 10 ’til 2 and is situated in the 3rd Arrondissement (Metrostop Arts et Métiers, close to the crossing Rue Au Maire and Rue Volta.). The address is; 9 Rue au Maire , 75003 Paris.



10 Comments to “L’attirail en Paris”

  1. Really a good and useful advice! Thank you! I’d like to go back to Paris, when i’ll do i’ll keep in my mind this bistrot!

    • Thank you so much! I have to apologise, was wondering why you didn’t leave a website so I was so rude to Google your emailaddress… I’ve never been to Toscany but if I do I’d definitely love to visit Pode Revignali! What an incredibly beautiful place, exactly to my liking. Coincedence is that I just spent some time in Croatia to find some natural lavendel products (my grandmoms favourite smell she says), but I heard it wa a bad lavendel year… would I have more luck at your place?

      • We had some problems with our lavender field too, probably it’s true 2011 it was a bad year for lavender. Tuscany is a really beautiful region you have to visit it, you can find a lot of different things: seaside, montains, hills, history, nature, big cities and small cute villages and … more history and culture!!! I’ll wait for you at Podere Vignali … and you’ll find some lavender for your grand moms!!!

      • I know I’ll love it! I’ve only seen the north of Italy but I’ve got many Italian friends, from all over the country and the islands too. You did’nt mention my biggest passion; the food must be great in Tuscany as well…

        It wasn’t only a bad year for lavender, also for the bees and thus for honey.

      • you have to visit all Italy, If we talk about food, in every region ,city, town or small villages there are delicious “trattorie” and “osterie” ( small restaurants very familiar and where you normally find typical food)! Close to Podere Vignali there are 2 “meravigliose osterie” : “La locanda del cacciatore” at Pari – Civitella Paganico (Gr) and “La Locanda nel Cassero” a Civitella Marittima … they are superb !!!

      • Hmm thx! If I’m ever in the neighbourhood, I will contact you.

      • Ok, Perfect !!!

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  3. I remember my first and only trip to Paris. It was my 34th birthday, I arrived by bus at 5:30 in the morning, it was a Sunday. After checking into my accommodation I strolled up the Ave des Champs Elysees, which was virtually empty, wandered the back streets, found a market, had breakfast sitting on a park bench opposite the Eiffel Tower. Marvelous.

    • Sounds memorable! I still get happy when I think of that way too expensive but so much worth the € 10,- glass of Eau de Vie with the sunshine on my face. That MADE my trip to Paris. And the duck of course, as you might have read. I’ve got a very good friend in Paris right now with a place to sleep (and a French grandmom who’s aparently an amazing cook) so I cam’t wait to go again!

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