Cookingbooks or cookbooks?

I collect cookingbooks. (or cookbooks?) Anyway… books with recipes.

My French, Spanish and the Balkan languages I practise with the help of cookbooks. Yes, and (sometimes) dictionaries. I would like to have cookingbooks from as many countries as possible, but not just any cookbooks, NO, the most complete ones, with the most authentic recipes. The books that have been passed on for a generation or more already, from grandmom to daughter and so on. Even when not cooking or when not hungry, I go through my cookingbooks,  ’cause it makes me happy.

My favourites are;

My wishlist contains;

The Silver spoon but of course in Italian; Il cucchiaio d’argento, Het Groot Surinaams Kookboek, an old Dutch cookingbook (still trying to figure out which is the best…), a good Chinese cookingbook (no this one not in its own language…), the best Indonesian cookbook (don’t know which is the best yet, have a lot of smal ones which are not the best…), a good Turkish cookingbook and whatever YOU recommend me…..

What is the best cookbook/cookingbook/recipebook from your country?

Which book best represents the cuisine your country has to offer? Which book do you regularly use? Which book did your mom and grandmom use? which book from your country should I absolutely add to my collection?

Oh yeah and;


10 Comments to “Cookingbooks or cookbooks?”

  1. In English it’s “cookbook”. I also practice Croatian by translating recipes I’ve collected from fishermen and old widows.

  2. My Israeli family moved to the US before I was born,. Now, at 22, I’m living abroad in Israel for the year. One of the best parts is spending time with my Iraqi grandmother and FINALLY writing down all the recipes for the foods I loved to eat while growing up.

    • Wow, cherish the fact that you are able to do this! Document the recipes well, i wish I did before it was too late… I’m researching all my childhood food memories and come across more and more dishes that taste like my childhood. My goal is to master these all and one day to introduce my children to them too…

  3. I’m going to write a blog post in response to this! Thanks for the prompt!

  4. “Il cucchiaio d’argento” is my cookingbook … but also sometimes i check for tips and recipes in my mom “La Cucina Italiana” collection books. Some recipes are a little bit difficult but they are so good !!!

  5. Hey there! I wrote that blog post about cookbooks! Inspired by yours…you can read it here!

    • ThX! I actually wrote you a really long comment to your post right after you posted it (yeah yeah I’m a subsriber!) but then my pc crashed and I couldn’t retrieve the text, got lazy & a bit sickish. Okay,no excuse really but in short; that post of yours rocked! I’ll re-read it and will see if I remember what I wrote you.

  6. I have 1080 Recipes (in English) too! It’s sort of The Joy of Cooking for Spain. I find some of the recipes not to my taste, the ones using canned peas for example. And my daughter, who lived in Madrid for 4 years noted that home cooking pasta dishes meant the noodles had to be very soft! The teachers at the school where she worked would bring food from home for lunch, and apparently Spanish home cooking is not so much like the food we ate in restaurants when we visited.

    But my husband has prepared quite a few recipes from the book (perhaps because I do Japanese so it’s his to do Spanish?) which have been very nice. Lots of the soups are excellent.

  7. hm, the one and only cookbook i’m the owner of is the Indian Cookbook by Phaidon and seems to be very good and complex. otherwise i love to buy and cook from different favourite cooking magazines. the next cook book i will buy will be noma ( because it’s like a must have jewelry for me… :) and of course these 2 will follow: reinventing food ferran adria and the family meal by ferran adrian (all at Phaidon).

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