Let it snow!

I knew winter was still coming!


To get in the mood; 


I just invited “The posse” for a snowball fight tonight, as agreed yesterday. If there is minimum 3 cm of snow (Dutch weather experts are expecting between 5 & 10 cm), we will meet on “our summer-picnick- & soccer- spot” @ 23.00h for a snowball fight instead of in a club. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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Wanna join?

To stay updated ’bout the (Dutch) weather in Dutch;http://www.knmi.nl
For actual rain- and snowfall; http://www.buienradar.nl
and my favourite (more reliable than the Dutch); http://www.wetter.de

11 Comments to “Let it snow!”

  1. Great post today. I enjoy reading it very much today. You have a wonderful blog here. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Ahhh wintermood! Het is hier 32 graden en zoooo heet maar lovin’it! Geniet van de sneeuwballen baby, ik ga aan je denken vanonder de palmboom met mn waradgi-tonic :) XXXX

  3. What cute pictures! Where did you find those? Or is that The Posse in disguise :) hee hee!

  4. If I could would be there..terrorizing you with my snow-bombs!!

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