As you read in the update of my previous blogpost; (CLICK) There will not be an Elfstedentocht, at least not next wknd. BUT in Amsterdam we’ve got our own race! On saturday next from 18.00h there will be a 150m sprint race by skates on the ice of the Keizersgracht. The last time this race was driven was in 1997. You can still apply (only by phone) between 19.00h & 21.00h today but full is full. Here’s the info for applying (in Dutch) .

Yesterday I ran into a party on the ice on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam! Local tv- channel AT5 posted a clip on the site; Welcome to the Future – 08-02-2012@Prinsengracht by AT5 On Youtube I couldn’t find any clips yet. Do you have any? Give us a link!

I figured out it was a promotion for “Welcome To the Future”, an annual festival taking place in summer, this year on July 28, in nature area Het Twiske, outside but on cycling distance of the center of Amsterdam. There were guys with rocketshape speakers on their back, there were promo-girls looking good and handing out stickers, there were some warm drinks, there were kids on sleighs, there were curious passing-byers, there were skillfull skater girls dancing on the ice…the organisation made the ice rock with relatively litlle means. I totally apreciate this kind of guerilla-promotion, so that’s why hereby I give the organisation some credit!

When I past, it was still light outside as you can see on my pics. I stayed safely on the bridge ’cause there were about 150 people jumping on  thin ice…. you already know by now that my pics are not very sharp, sorry for that. Just want to give you a feeling of the atmosphere but I couldn’t even capture on 1 picture how many people were present.

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Also up for a party on the ice? Tomorrow from 18.30 there will be a skate-disco on The Keizersgracht.

I wonder if the organisation had announced this party to its fans? Or did they just head off to Prinsengracht and start partying?