My Way

My Way =
A mix of the best,
Passions combined,
Balkan with an exotic touch…

From Amsterdam, to Artists & Arts, Croatia, Food, Leisure, Nature, Slovenia, to Tourism.

Why would I have to choose? I love it all!

5 Comments to “My Way”

  1. The good mix :) I lived in Amsterdam for more than 20 years and moved to Croatia a few months ago.

    • Wow! :) And what’s your nationality? Nederlands? My goal after NL is also Croatia, I’d love to keep in touch to learn from you! And are you part of the couple that visited Sirana Gligora yesterday?

      • Not part of that couple no :) and yes Dutch nationality ;)
        Let’s keep in touch :)

      • Leuk! :)
        Well that would have been too much of a coincidence ;) I do recommend you to pay a visit to Sirana Gligora if you can. I’ve nver visited the island of Pag but it must be beautiful there! And you really can taste the herbs the sheep eat in the Paški sir ( I’m sure Mr Simon Kerr of Sirana Gligora would be pleased to show you around the dairy if he has time. Anyway he informed me yesterday that a Dutch couple visited him the day before & they spoke about my plans of selling that cheese in The Netherlands & he mentioned my blog & they said they already follow my blog! (Hence my question) That’s pretty amazing & surreal for me… people talking about my blog and actually knowing of the existance of it! It’s just.. WOW!

        In which region of HR are you staying?

      • We are living in Split. That’s a great story, the couple mentioning your blog! :) And yes will surely visit some day, I love Paski sir :)

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