DLCS’ Delicatessen en Delicasies

Delicatessen is a term meaning “delicacies” or “fine foods”. In English, delicatessen originally meant only this specially-prepared food. In time, the delicatessen store where this food was sold came to be called a delicatessen, and the new meaning for the word was eventually shortened to deli.

A Delicacy is a food item that is considered highly desirable in certain cultures. Often this is because of unusual flavors or characteristics or because it is rare.

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Now, imagine this;

You are allowed to put all your favourite delicatessen, delicasies, from ALL OVER THE WORLD in one store to sell these products.

There’s just 1 but; the products all have to be as natural as possible.

Which products would you chose? 


Thank you Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

3 Comments to “DLCS’ Delicatessen en Delicasies”

  1. Hmmm, I love a really good honeycomb! My folks take me to the honey farm whenever I’m back ome. There are two tours in their local area, honey farm and cheese farm!!! Either way you win regardless of where you visit! I can only imagine a beautiful scent from a deli filled with honeycombs from around the world. Suger high just thinking of it!!!

  2. Thanks for liking my post… :)

  3. I’d have cheeses from around the world. In Spain and France there are so many to choose from, and even the variety of yogurts is amazing. My husband bought cheese for Valentine’s Day instead of chocolate. That made me smile.

    Sometimes it’s not the food, but the circumstances. I like the cheese and olives in this vimeo, at 01:36

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