My first Rabska torta. Never went to Rab yet

Rabska torta.jpg
Rabska torta.jpg

EDITED on 23-02;

People, thank you all for your really nice comments & likes! I have to dissapoint you, I did not bake the Rabska torta, I’m not much of a baker. When I spontaneously made this picture last night (Yes we immediately ate it, ALL of it split in 3), I meant the first Rabska torta to eat! I did not imagine you’d all assume I baked it, ’cause well…… I simply don’t bake amazing things and this Rabska torta was truly amazing….. I wish I could bake anything similar to this! You can store it for months (as we did, remember I was last in Croatia?), this does not change the structure, since the cake does not have any eggs! The cake was a present, bought at Vilma Bakery, Rab, Croatia.

Here’s some text I copied from the website of the producer of this delicasy from the island of Rab in Croatia ; “The Cake of Rab is recognised for its unique blend of the sun, a sour stone taste and savour of barren land. It is these particular almonds with sugar crystals, scented lemon and a peculiar taste of the Maraskino liqueur that are the cornerstone of this centuries old and unique delicacy known as the Cake of Rab. With other ingredients -kept as a secret, the Cake of Rab dates back from the year 1177 when it was served for the first time to Pope Alexander II after benediction of St. Mary’s Ascension Cathedral at Rab.”

Okay definitely I HEREBY PROMISE, more info about the unique and amazing taste of Rabska Torta TO BE CONTINUED!