Apple in Amsterdam; Hirsch at Leidseplein

Apple has announced to open their new Dutch store in the exclusive Hirsch building at the Leidseplein on Saturday, March 3.

BUT this morning when I passed by around 07.00, the orange stickers with logo customised for the Dutch, were removed from the windows, the lights were on, for the first time it was possible to look inside, and journalists were on standby in front of the store….

Apple Hirsch

Apple Hirsch

Even though I don’t understand the whole (HUUUUGE!!! ) hype about this, Apple already has 2 stores in Ams (There are even websites discussing and showing the complete progress of the fixing of the Hirsch Building online for 2 yrs!), I made some pictures….

Perhaps now I’ve made some commercial for Apple, I deserve an IPad? It would really work well with my IPhone…

With ThX 2 Wikipedia. Sorry for the Dutch link on the Hirsch Building. 

*Edit; I just read this is the biggest Apple store in the world AND there was a store- preview this morning.

11 Comments to “Apple in Amsterdam; Hirsch at Leidseplein”

  1. Wow, would love to check out this Apple store! We are all Apple, I’m typing this on a Mac Pro Workstation, my wife has a newer MacBook Pro and an iPad 2, we got my daughter who is seven a Mac Mini for Christmas this past year. Siri on my new iPhone 4S has totally made my life and my business much easier than it ever was!!

    I was aways a PC guy. I made the switch to Mac in 2009 and I am beyond happy I did!!

    PC – One operating system licensed out out to many different types of hardware means they have to write code to work with all these machines in one operating system. This makes the code huge and slow and full of bugs, which case crashes and headaches.

    Apple – One operating system never licensed out to different types of hardware. One system one piece of hardware means very small coding that is streamlined and insanely fast, and very reliable.

    Mac’s are way more expensive and so worth every single penny they charge for them!!!

    Can you tell we love all our Apple products? They really do make our life easier and more fun!!!

    • Aparently the whole world does!

      Almost can’t believe that my most spiritual and conscious follower is commenting on commercial, marketing and computer stuff ;) I’m in love with my IPhone, need a new laptop, want an IPad and more. Apple-stuff makes me gready. I’d be happy with a MAC Mini too!

      • Money and abundance is as you alway know are not unholy at all. It is what it is… You can choose to not have money or choose to have money, I have been both place a good bit ;-) both are but experiences…

        I’ve always loved computers, electronics and technology since I was a kid. I was reading books on cybernetics when I was in fifth grade. lol

        Not sure where the love of technology came from as my family was not into that at all. I have had computers since the Commodore VIC 20. I will never forget, it had a whole 4K of memory!! I’m a filmmaker now and shoot in full 1080p HD so I need a super fast system to be able to render the HD video. The Mac Pro workstation is best game in town to pull this off most efficiently!!

        Since I have such a love for technology to see my seven year old daughter doing artwork on her very own Mac Mini truly warms my heart!!! To be able to give her this computer at such a young age made me feel very grateful! Computers involvement in our lives are just going to grow and I will be the one loving every second of it ;-)

        Steve Jobs was a very passionate person. Whether he was yelling and screaming at someone, or designing something that will make everyones life easier his was very passionate about everything he did. Watch to see what Apple does this fall!!

        It really bothered Steve to see kids though college student having to carry heavy books in their backpacks. He was determined to do something about this. It was his dyeing wish that Apple make an electronic tablet that will replace all the books a student would carry and sell it to the schools for around $10 per kid. Apple is moving forward with this project. Will be very interesting to see how it all pans out!

        Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


      • Interesting! Thank you very much. My only Apple experience is with my IPhone. Took some time to get used to it and I had to crash my bike (see ) to stop texting while cycling a bike, but now I’m good. ;) But to ask you as an expert; what kind of laptop would you recommend me? To surf, blog, watch a movie, listen to some music, nothing too much more extra..

  2. Please excuse the typos in my comment above.

  3. Definitely do it! My iPad is the best tool ever, work & play all rolled into one :)

  4. i’m a mac positive as well. i wouldn’t change it for a pc anymore since 90’s when i had my first one (i think mac plus was the name). btw, there is a new issue of Clog magazine ( that focuses on Apple’s architecture and design. i briefly went through it and looked very interesting.

  5. Thanks for the ‘like’ on my blog. Yes, lots of Apple hype, but I’ll be going there as soon as I get to Amsterdam next month. My son-in-law just started work for Apple and I’m enjoying my first iPhone. I’ll need the Apple Help Team to get it set up for me with Dutch simcard however!

  6. . . . thanks for punching my “like” button . . . I have an iPad2, iPod Touch 4G and my first iPod Touch (no camera) . . . used to a PC guy but after I got the iPod Touch with camera . . . life before Apple was so . . . démodé.

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