Apple has announced to open their new Dutch store in the exclusive Hirsch building at the Leidseplein on Saturday, March 3.

BUT this morning when I passed by around 07.00, the orange stickers with logo customised for the Dutch, were removed from the windows, the lights were on, for the first time it was possible to look inside, and journalists were on standby in front of the store….

Apple Hirsch
Apple Hirsch

Even though I don’t understand the whole (HUUUUGE!!! ) hype about this, Apple already has 2 stores in Ams (There are even websites discussing and showing the complete progress of the fixing of the Hirsch Building online for 2 yrs!), I made some pictures….

Perhaps now I’ve made some commercial for Apple, I deserve an IPad? It would really work well with my IPhone…

With ThX 2 Wikipedia. Sorry for the Dutch link on the Hirsch Building. 

*Edit; I just read this is the biggest Apple store in the world AND there was a store- preview this morning.