Yesterdays cena Española.

What an effort they put, what an organisation. It’s amazing to have a bunch of international friends; in my case called “The Posse”. I’m looking forward to our picnicks in the park! Feels ages ago, I miss them.

I tried to post the pics LIVE last night but didn’t manage. With some hours of delay, check what The Posse experienced yesterday;

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

C. y K.;   GRACIAS !!!

6 Responses to “Yesterdays cena Española.”

  1. Now that is a serious banquette!

  2. ¡Muy bueno….jamón, vino tinto, queso y más!

  3. C. told me the other croquetas had bechamel & bacon hmmm… She promised to teach me to make them one day! :) Looking forward to it!

  4. Looks like a serious cena! ~I loved jammon when I first encountered it. Tho will confess, it was learning how they slaughtered the animals for the jammon that finally made me stop eating meat!


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