Rokjesdag is the Dutch name for Skirt day. It’s the first day in spring that all the women and girls are suddenly wearing a skirt with bare legs underneath. A great and beautiful day is what Martin Bril thought. Martin Bril was a famous Dutch writer and columnist, who made the definition “rokjesdag” really popular in the Netherlands. Because of Martin Bril the definition “rokjesdag”  is nowadays established in Holland.

Rokjesdag in the Netherlands

The author, poet and columnist who died in 2009 will be honoured on the anniversary of his death with a special “rokjesdag”. This event consists of among other things of a skirt party a skirt exhibition and a skirt design contest. The collection “rokjesdag” will also be published.

I don’t think it’s skirt-day today yet, but it finally feels like spring is on its way… 




Thank You Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


11 Responses to “Rokjesdag”

  1. I think we all should have Rokjesdag. A great idea.

  2. It’s definitely till skirt weather here! 28C and gorgeous on an Autumns day :)

  3. 1. God bless Rokjesdag day!! I’m very grateful for the beautiful weather to appreciate all the beautiful women in the world on skirt day!!

    2. God bless girlinafoodfrenzy for just being herself and looking gorgeous in a skirt!!

    3. I love life!!!

    4, That’s pretty much it, did I mention I loved life? lol

  4. I’ll keep you all updated about the REAL first Rokjesdag in The Netherland. It’s national news.

    Michael, I love your spirit! Thank you for often visiting my blog & leaving good vibes!

    I forgot to mention that there is a Rokjesloop too; a skirtsrun…. I watched last year thousands of women and girls run in skirts….I think it’s at the end of the month in Amsterdam.

  5. Of course, a lot of your appreciation for Skirt Day probably revolves around the type of skirt …. for instance:

    This will get the looks!


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