For rent in Amsterdam

For rent

For rent


From April 1, a contact of mine is offering FOR RENT

55 m²

or storage- SPACE

in De Staatsliedenbuurt in Amsterdam West (The Netherlands).

If you are interested in sharing a space with (other) creative people and would like to know more details,  fill in the contactform HERE or leave a message below.


7 Comments to “For rent in Amsterdam”

  1. I am looking , for a quiet place to be… I am working with computers and study. Normaly I am in home mornings and evenings…
    I have born and grow up in chile and the last years my life have been in Uruguay. Now since 8 months I am in Amsterdam .
    I do have universitary studies and now I am learning English.
    I will love to know how much will be to rent together and a bit more from you.

    • Hi Edgardo, thank you for your message. WOW It’s been 8 months already!

      I think this is not the place for you. My contact that took the contract for the place is an artist. She creates art and will likely not be quiet while doing this.
      If you don’t mind the noise, I can arrange you a viewing, but if you are really looking for a place to work with on a computer; an office space, I would not reccommend this to you.

      Someone that will be more interested in this place is for example an artist, a handyman, someone that needs to store some boxes or furniture…. It is possible to rent less than the 55m².

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I really appreciate it! Good luck with the above!

  3. Thank you. I should have maybe edited the text, the space (not mine btw) has been rented out to artists & handcrafters & a shop that needed storage space.

  4. I am glad you liked ny tagine :-) thanks for calling by.

  5. Thanks for listening to the Princess for a minute. I would love to share space with an artist in Amsterdam. Unfortunately I am stuck with my real life. I hope it works out for all.

  6. This is a very useful blog.. Who doesn’t like leisure. Will be checking back soon.

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