Food- festivals & events II

Did you notice? I really REALLY like food. Good food.  I’d like to travel the world experiencing food. That, one day will be my dream-trip.

World Food DLCS

World Food DLCS

If you “just” tuned into my blog, you may have missed my post on food festivals….. (I’m working on a way to make older posts more visible on the homepage,but I’m new to this!)

ANYWAY check out this post I wrote last year;  Food- festivals & events and drop me your opinion, info & comments!


3 Comments to “Food- festivals & events II”

  1. Use RSS in the sidebar – or one of your columns as a sticky post – and select the category you want to bring forward, then make sure all those posts are in that category. If you search RSS feed you’ll find the instructions. It’s how I keep the recipe and poem columns in my sidebar. I use the feature sidebar area for my audio tracks. Not a great explanation but I’m just waking up after a night out!

  2. :) Thank you thank you!Today my last workingday before a small trip so can’t focus anymore ;)
    will dive into this when I’m back. Not happy with the whole layout anymore either, doubting to sqitch themes, but didn’t find teh perfect one yet.

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