The end of this roadtrip…

To all good things come an end.. I’m Back home. But, I’ve experienced 6* countries in 8 days; From Amsterdam, The Netherlands, to Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia & Montenegro. (Actually Amsterdam is a country on its own ;) ) I’m a working woman so Instead of driving, I flew back.


*EDIT @10-04-2012; I realised that while driving South through Croatia, on the way to Dubrovnik, we also passed Neum, Bosnia. That means I did 7 countries in 8 days! 


9 Responses to “The end of this roadtrip…”

  1. Wow! I’m exhausted just reading of your schedule but alas we all go back to work or school at some point!!! loved the holiday snaps, did you actually get a swim in (in the end!) :)

    • Just the feet, it was seriously too cold. Last year in my spring- / Easter-break we went for a swim but the temperatures then were almost double..
      Did you see I edited this post? I forgot a country!

  2. Wonderful.You cover a lot in such a short time.Would love to visit all those places one day soon. Esp Slovenia. :)

  3. You don’t tell us what you do when you travel – but you flew back. Were you delivering a car? :)

    • Haha sorry! No, and not drugs either. I was actually not even the one driving, I was the passenger. I left Amsterdam with the Mr. and left him with his family in Croatia. He will drive back in time for Queensday (= THE Craziest Party of the year in The Netherlands, I’ll explain in a separate post).

      During the trip the goal was to eat and drink as much good stuff as possible and to meet the family in law & some friends.


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