Buzzer is the first Word of Mouth Marketing agency in Europe. They design and execute Word of Mouth & Customer Feedback Programs for clients that are (in preparation of) launching a new product or service.  Buzzers are curious and connected consumers that are the first to test, experience and ‘buzz‘ these products to their friends and colleagues.

Buzzer has its HQ in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and has been active since 2005. Buzzer launched in Belgium in January of 2007. Many of their clients are multinational companies. They include amongst others P&G (Pampers, Gillette), Heineken, Philips, Leaf, Pathé, Jumbo, PCM and Universal Music.

Do you mean Buzziness ? Are you an entrepreneur interested in bringing Buzzer and its concept to other markets ? Are you a company with a buzzable product interested in reaching 20 million Dutch-speaking consumers ?

Are you a Buzzer ? If you are interested to participate as a Dutch Buzzer you need to be able to read Dutch well. Contact Buzzer at BUT Buzzer is going Europe! Click HERE to check out if you can become a Buzzer in your country too!

De macht van je mening, The power of your opinion.
Buzzer is about your new products, services, concepts.

 Buzzers’ mission is;

Het vergroten van de positieve invloed van de mening van de consument;

To enlarge the positive influence of the opinion of the consumer.

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Sooo guess what… I’m a Buzzer. But don’t worry, I’m still me, and even if Buzzer sends me some stuff to test somethimes, I will stay honest and simply drop my opinion, as I have until now.