Bag Lady…

Here’s a supercool recipe by one of my favourite bloggers;

Bag Lady…. Looking forward to trying this myself soon!

To my Dutch readers out here; I have never seen silicone (baking) paper, where can I buy this? I only know the brown oven paper, and Girlinafoodfrenzy explained that

The paper needs to be waxed so to prevent the juices/moisture escaping.

My Indonesian grandmom would have used bananaleaves, but those aren’t easy to find here either.

Fish in Banana Leaves

Fish in Banana Leaves

I reblogged Girlinafoodfrenzy‘s post because I already know that my pictures (and probably my fish too) will not look as beautiful as hers. Of course I’ll let you all know how my first Fish en Papilotte went! I wonder if it will be as easy as it seems…

6 Comments to “Bag Lady…”

  1. Look for banana leaves in the freezer of more exotica-oriented (super)markets. I know Tjinn’s International Foodstore in 1e van der Helststraat (near Albert Cuyp) sells them. They’re probably available at the Chinese supermarkets near Nieuwmarkt too. :)

  2. Cool, ThX, dankjewel!

    Yeah was planning to visit the Chinese at the Nieuwmarkt soon anyway, haven’t been inside for years for some reason. And if I can arrange a car I’ll pass by the Chinese wholesaler across the Makro, they might have them too. Will totally change the flavour of the fish though, but for me in a good way. I think the banana leave-flavour will go well with the spices that Girl in a food frenzy used.

  3. How awesome! So thrilled that you want to share this with your readers and that you enjoy the recipe so much too, thank you!!! :) ps, the banana leaves are a brilliant idea too, so much prettier than silly ole paper!

  4. Still didn’t try this recipe but am very much looking forward to trying!

    I have located the silicone (white) baking paper; for the Dutch readers, check your local Dirk!

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