NeighbourFood Market Westerpark Amsterdam

Remember I was sooo enthousiastic about my Sunday breakfast a month ago? (CLICK!)

Sunday next, 22 April, is the 4th edition of the NeighbourFood Market on the Westergasterrein, from 11.00h to 16.00h. The exact location in The Westergasterrein is not known yet, so be sure you go for a walk and check out the (inside halls of the) Westerpark.

NeighbourFood Market April 22

NeighbourFood Market April 22

I’m looking forward to it!  @Lookaroundyounow; don’t forget to wave!

More info (in Dutch only);

& check out what else is up in & around the beautiful Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek in the Westerpark in Amsterdam;

Unfortunately again only in Dutch. Something I don’t understand! Amsterdam is such an international city, why is there not more information for international visitors or residents available? That’s another reason my blog is in English…

4 Comments to “NeighbourFood Market Westerpark Amsterdam”

  1. dankie dat jy van my pos hou…..nie ek praat nie nederlands nee ek praat afrikaans…maar dit is my tweede taal eintlik is en engels.

  2. [practicing mad waving already… hoping the minions’ sleep schedule allow visit before time for me to go to Paradiso to see album presentation of Huseyin Badali – recommended BTW]

    No idea why not more information about Amsterdam is available in other languages. The info that can be found is usually either a) WAY touristy so not all that interesting anyway, or b) about pot and hookers so not all that interesting either. Personally as a marketeer I would promote ANY event in Amsterdam in – at least – two languages because of the massive international community here. Maybe they feel insecure about using English? (Maybe they should hire me? ;-) )

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