I love meat. A lot. Was expecting a vega-friend today so put in an effort for me to not miss the meat.
Pre: lentil potato soup. Main: Thai red rice (not on pic below), white Indian lentils with garlic, onion & cumin, Frikadel jagung; Indonesian “corn cookies” (recipe soon!), cucumber-yoghurt salad & (Dutch) asparagus (from a pot). Not as tasty as these at all, they’re just for decoration (but if all goes well i’ll have half a kg of those delivered to me tomorrow!)

Anyway… Jumm again. Filling, tasty & not missing the meat


10 Responses to “Vega”

  1. OMG! I’m SO hungry just by looking at this… You’re such a GREAT cook!……
    And the best of all, a great friend :)

  2. Indonesian corn cakes, yes please!!!

  3. If i were your place I’d make a steak for myself and veggies for the friend. I cant live without meat!

  4. The corn cakes seem to be the favorite… I’ll cast another vote in their direction :D

  5. yr meal looks absolutely delicious & you are a good friend creating this meal for your friend. tried being a vegetarian but made me ill. try to keep more to shell food mostly for the protein but don’ rule out white meat & sometimes red meat on occasion. not really into vegetables. don’t agree with me. like your bog. it is aesthetically beautiful.

    • Thank you so much! :)
      I couldn’t be a vegetarian & wish I liked less foods sometimes… I like too much & that shows…seriously have to start doing some training again…
      Not really into vegs, but could you/would you have for example liked the corn cookies? I’m good with fedeing children that don’t like a lot. Corn cookies have the word cookies in them so they’re not really vegs :p hehe Well actually since they’re fried they taste more unhealthy than they are. When I make a batch I can eat all of them alone :p
      Aesthetically beautiful, Wow, ThX again & ThX for passing by! I learnt something browsing your posts. I’ll b back.


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