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May 29, 2012

London tips?

Usually I give you tips about my favourite places, generally in Amsterdam (but got some recommendations for places to visit in Croatia in the making!),
but since I’ve never visited London before yet and will do soon, I herewith ask you; What do I according to you, have to visit/see/experience and ofcourse eat in London? 

English breakfast

English breakfast

May 25, 2012

Poor Parmigiano!

I can eat pasta without Parmegiano, but I know people who’s pasta (or rice) is not complete without. When I heard this news , I thought it’s a food-catastrophy! I really don’t want to put Dutch cheese on my pasta but luckily Croatia has great alternatives such as for example Paški sir from Sirana Gligora (see my review here).

You can read what the Guardian wrote about the Cheeses in North Italy getting destroyed HERE

and HERE’s the newsitem from Parmigiano Reggiano itself.

(photo courtesy of) Parmigiano Reggiano

(photo courtesy of) Parmigiano Reggiano

May 25, 2012

Turkey Dubstep

I like any kind of REAL music. With real I mean music that is not created with a computer but with instruments, and I do prefer to hear a human voice in it too. I used to hate electronic music until my international-Amsterdam-friends (A.K.A. The Posse) took me to a Bass/Dubstep party I loved; I danced all night.

For them, The PosseI found this clips;

What do you think, guys?

May 22, 2012

Help me to organise my dreamparty!

I entered a competition by Sony Entertainment Network & Music Unlimited. If I win I get to organise my dreamparty, worth € 20.000,- ….

As a reader of this blog you know my style a bit, I like everything delicious combined (For example THIS or this &This ). If you are reading this now, there’s a BIG chance you’ll like my dreamparty too.

So could you please do me a favour? Helping me is simple. Please visit the following link;

All text is in Dutch but all you need to do is click on the green button on the right which says “STEM” in purple letters.

There are 25 more days to vote and the number 1 currently has 856 votes. I could do better with your help, right?

CelineDewy by DLCS

CelineDewy by DLCS

May 22, 2012


A couple of months ago I wrote about my favourite Dutch radiostation (read the blogpost HERE), Well Woohoo! FunX can stay! Parties came to an agreement; FunX will become a public service broadcasting radiostation and will stay on air, even after 2012! 

I hope the fact they are becoming public won’t change too much, FunX has such a different identity & style compared to any other station, they need to stay themselves. They’re the only truly multicultural radiostation that The Netherlands have and they manage to reach many youngsters that otherwise could only be reached through social media. I hope the government will consider finding a way to utilise this fact….. 


FunX  RADIO (Check & listen here !) is a Dutch radio station which is in fact the most popular radio station in the biggest cities amongst youngsters; Amsterdam (96.1 FM), Rotterdam (91.8 FM) , Den Haag (98.4 FM) and Utrecht (96.1 FM).
They play a lot of international music, address the youth of the 190 nationalities that The Netherlands house, bring up sensitive and important topics, educate, inform and they are more than just a radio station, more than a medium, they are a platform,  a way to reach the most important group of inhabitants, the youth. FunX; Welkom bij jezelf.

May 15, 2012

Protected: The Posse’s BDay, Event & Party agenda.

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May 11, 2012

Lemongrass mint lime lemonade

As I’ve said before, sometimes you have to spoil yourself.


May 11, 2012

De Tanker

Amsterdam is full of cool cultural hotspots.

One of “my” newest discoveries is in the upcoming neighbourhood Amsterdam Noord (North).  De Tanker is a  former gasstation, painted pink. The foundation Stichting Samenscholers manages De Tanker and organises cultural events and get-togethers for the neighbourhood. From sing-along nights, intimate concerts, expositions, meditation sessions and even a dinner on Liberation day, everything seems possible.

Remember I told you about the fresh female vocalists I listened to last December? (Click) Snowapple played at De Tanker on the 3rd of May. They were lovely, beautiful & gorgeous as always. Oh yeah and my….. can they sing!

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I’m awaiting some pics from the organisation of De Tanker/ Stichting Samenscholers, this post is To Be Continued!

More info; Nieuwe Leeuwarderweg 15, Amsterdam Noord
Snowapple (and check how cool… they posted my review on their site 🙂 )

May 8, 2012

Well Played, Amsterdam

Never used a urinal so never noticed the fly but I’d definitely aim for the fly too! How smart!

May 4, 2012

Nationale Dodenherdenking (Remembrance of the Dead) & Bevrijdingdag (Liberation Day)

On May 4th the Dutch remember the people who have fought for and died during World War II, and wars in general; Dodenherdenking. Traditionally, the main ceremonies are observed in Amsterdam at the National Monument on Dam square. This ceremony is usually attended by members of the cabinet and the royal family, military leaders, representatives of the resistance movement and other social groups. Throughout the country two minutes of silence are held at 20.00. Public transport is stopped, as well as all other traffic. The flags hang at half-staff.

On May 5th the liberation is celebrated and festivals are being held in most places . Liberation Day; Bevrijdingsdag is celebrated each year on May 5 in the Netherlands to mark the end of the German occupation during the Second World War.  The nation was liberated largely by Canadian troops and to thank them each year thousands of Tulip bulbs are sent to Ottawa where the annual May Tulip Festival is held.

The government reminds everyone that on May 4 we have to remember and on May 5 we can celebrate;

4 mei vieren, 5 mei herdenken.

This year is the first of many years Bevrijdingsdag takes place on a Saturday, it seems like there are many more parties and festivals throughout Amsterdam this year because of that. I kind of made it a tradition to celebrate at a gay party next to the gay monument (Homomonument). It’s a bit of an extension of Queensday… Where will you celebrate Dutch Liberation Day?

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