Well Played, Amsterdam

Never used a urinal so never noticed the fly but I’d definitely aim for the fly too! How smart!

10 Responses to “Well Played, Amsterdam”

  1. improves aim? wow, I guess we’ve come a long way from blue delft tiles?

  2. Talk about the importance of detail …

    • Speaking of peeing- couldn’t they see you’re a boy by the way you pee?

      • Good point, but no they didn’t. Neither of them have lived with a cat before, but got suspicious when I became a bit ‘frisky’ recently. Apparently they had to refer to YouTube for confirmation! Then it became visually obvious, if you get my drift…:)

      • Hahahaha :)
        Mala was my first cat too, we rescued her from a harsh winter in Slovenia (she was so sick she couldn’t eat & her tale was broken on 2 places!), we were happy to find out she was a girl (apparently boy-cats are more messy), since we live in a small apartment & not on a boat. She’s not a “real” lady anymore though, things got a bit problematic when she got in puberty, but we’ll explain you this when you’re a bit older.

  3. Oh no, poor Mala, it’s terrible what people do to animals isn’t it – Mala and I share that in common, more’s the pity. Not sure I want to know about puberty, just happy as I am for the moment!

  4. HAHA Brilliant and a fine example of how us men are easily distracted! :-)


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