De Tanker

Amsterdam is full of cool cultural hotspots.

One of “my” newest discoveries is in the upcoming neighbourhood Amsterdam Noord (North).  De Tanker is a  former gasstation, painted pink. The foundation Stichting Samenscholers manages De Tanker and organises cultural events and get-togethers for the neighbourhood. From sing-along nights, intimate concerts, expositions, meditation sessions and even a dinner on Liberation day, everything seems possible.

Remember I told you about the fresh female vocalists I listened to last December? (Click) Snowapple played at De Tanker on the 3rd of May. They were lovely, beautiful & gorgeous as always. Oh yeah and my….. can they sing!

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I’m awaiting some pics from the organisation of De Tanker/ Stichting Samenscholers, this post is To Be Continued!

More info; Nieuwe Leeuwarderweg 15, Amsterdam Noord
Snowapple (and check how cool… they posted my review on their site :) )


3 Responses to “De Tanker”

  1. Hey awesome! My friend has meditation evenings there on Monday. (I’ve never been myself – is it far from CS?)

  2. Cool, yes I saw the meditation on the program!

    If you study the route (or are a bit familiar in Noord), it’s a (max.) 10 min cycle from the ferry. But me, well, I took a huge D-tour & got lost. The key is that when you get off the ferry, you take the path on the right, which is not shown on a map or routeplanner, but it is “cycleable”. De Tanker is next to the Florapark (of which I also have no clue where it is, but you might).


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