A couple of months ago I wrote about my favourite Dutch radiostation (read the blogpost HERE), Well Woohoo! FunX can stay! Parties came to an agreement; FunX will become a public service broadcasting radiostation and will stay on air, even after 2012! 

I hope the fact they are becoming public won’t change too much, FunX has such a different identity & style compared to any other station, they need to stay themselves. They’re the only truly multicultural radiostation that The Netherlands have and they manage to reach many youngsters that otherwise could only be reached through social media. I hope the government will consider finding a way to utilise this fact….. 

FunX  RADIO (Check & listen here !) is a Dutch radio station which is in fact the most popular radio station in the biggest cities amongst youngsters; Amsterdam (96.1 FM), Rotterdam (91.8 FM) , Den Haag (98.4 FM) and Utrecht (96.1 FM).
They play a lot of international music, address the youth of the 190 nationalities that The Netherlands house, bring up sensitive and important topics, educate, inform and they are more than just a radio station, more than a medium, they are a platform,  a way to reach the most important group of inhabitants, the youth. FunX; Welkom bij jezelf.