Help me to organise my dreamparty!

I entered a competition by Sony Entertainment Network & Music Unlimited. If I win I get to organise my dreamparty, worth € 20.000,- ….

As a reader of this blog you know my style a bit, I like everything delicious combined (For example THIS or this &This ). If you are reading this now, there’s a BIG chance you’ll like my dreamparty too.

So could you please do me a favour? Helping me is simple. Please visit the following link;

All text is in Dutch but all you need to do is click on the green button on the right which says “STEM” in purple letters.

There are 25 more days to vote and the number 1 currently has 856 votes. I could do better with your help, right?

CelineDewy by DLCS

CelineDewy by DLCS

8 Comments to “Help me to organise my dreamparty!”

  1. Done! I love the look of yrou dream venue….! Best of luck.

  2. Thank you all! Unfortunately I found out this late about the competition..

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