Poor Parmigiano!

I can eat pasta without Parmegiano, but I know people who’s pasta (or rice) is not complete without. When I heard this news , I thought it’s a food-catastrophy! I really don’t want to put Dutch cheese on my pasta but luckily Croatia has great alternatives such as for example Paški sir from Sirana Gligora (see my review here).

You can read what the Guardian wrote about the Cheeses in North Italy getting destroyed HERE

and HERE’s the newsitem from Parmigiano Reggiano itself.

(photo courtesy of) Parmigiano Reggiano

(photo courtesy of) Parmigiano Reggiano

6 Comments to “Poor Parmigiano!”

  1. Oh no!!! I can’t open the page but I know it’s going to be something devastating about the availability of decent parmegano (shudders) foes it found worse than it actually is???

  2. Saw this story a couple of days ago. Maybe it’s a boon for those of us normal folks who don’t buy entire wheels? I’ll happily take the broken bits, even if they aren’t aged 24 months!

  3. Yes, terrible news…and earthquake caused damages to ancient castles, palaces, churches and monuments too!

  4. Passed this link on to family and friends. I had not connected earthquake damage with the production of cheese. Fascinating. Thanks for the links.

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