Turkey Dubstep

I like any kind of REAL music. With real I mean music that is not created with a computer but with instruments, and I do prefer to hear a human voice in it too. I used to hate electronic music until my international-Amsterdam-friends (A.K.A. The Posse) took me to a Bass/Dubstep party I loved; I danced all night.

For them, The PosseI found this clips;

What do you think, guys?

5 Comments to “Turkey Dubstep”

  1. i love all kind of music, especially intelligent electronic dance music, but dub step. :D but maybe because i don’t know how to dance on it (and i’m a big dancer, i just love it). i should learn something from the turkey! :D

    • Oh but I didn’t say I know how to dance on it! I just happened to have a great night and this music was on… Gypsy music. that’s what I prefer to dance to…

      The good thing is, like the turkies, you can just bounce your head up and down.

  2. This is lovely and hilarious! Thank you for visiting my blog, and for the like.

  3. Free dubstep tracks and mixes for download on my site.

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