London tips?

Usually I give you tips about my favourite places, generally in Amsterdam (but got some recommendations for places to visit in Croatia in the making!),
but since I’ve never visited London before yet and will do soon, I herewith ask you; What do I according to you, have to visit/see/experience and ofcourse eat in London? 

English breakfast

English breakfast

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  1. i was in london many year ago, so don’t know. but i looooove english breakfast!!! looking at the picture, i should make some soon! :P

  2. Sounds like you’re about to have an adventure! I’ve never been before so look forward to hearing of your adventures and food expeditions of course! :)

  3. That picture is making me hungry! Every day, it’s bad for your heart and waistline but every now and again, a full English is scrumptious!

  4. Yorkshire pudding (with roast beef).

  5. I like eating as locals do, so I’ve been known to grab a kebab after the pubs close. London has some good Japanese, especially noodle houses. I eat curry in the North, but don’t know where to get a good curry in London, maybe up in Camden? Haven’t been to the UK for years now. Not sure what it’s like in the run-up to the Olympics.

  6. Love an English breakfast. Was in London in 2008. Recommend the Beatles walking tour, touring Chelsea’s stadium (Stamford Bridge), and the canal boat ride along the north end to Camden. Tower Bridge tour gives a great view of the city!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my post about London:

    I’d love to hear your tips after your trip – just add them in the comment box.
    You may also be interested in this one about one of the city’s Turkish neighbourhoods:
    Happy travelling!

  8. I’m not a fan of the English brekkie. My favorite foods in London are Chinese (Peking Duck with Pancakes!), Indian and Japanese – it’s been awhile and I can’t remember the names of the little hole in the wall restaurants I found over the years. Tea is a must – at the Ritz or Fortnum & Mason … and of course a pub or two – for a drink not the food. For museums – I like the Tate. Of course there is the obvious – don’t forget to visit Hyde Park – including Speaker’s Corner, Harrods, Westminster Abbey and the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. Have a great trip – Susan

    • Thank you for the great tips! :)

      I’m sure I’ll love the English breakfast-but only if I don’t have to have it daily. I’m looking forward to the Indian food in Lon, We have good Peking Duck (I do looove duck! See ) in Ams, aswell as good Japanese food, but the Indian food here…well perhaps I haven’t found the right place to try yet.

      I never had a proper high tea yet :)

      • Good luck if you’re coming over here during this weekend – it will be mayhem in central parts of London with crowded tubes and tourist areas because of the Queens diamond jubilee celebrations. However, I can strongly recommend other areas that might tick a few boxes for you, if you’re keen to avoid all that!
        Brick Lane in the east end – has proper Indian restaurants, although there are lots of them competition.g for your business so they try and pull you off the streets promising ‘the best curry’. Some can be a bit pushy, but a polite but firm ‘thanks but no’ will do – trust your instincts and choose the one you want to go into! Brick Lane and surrounding streets – Redhurch St in particular – have THE best vintage/2nd hand stores (much better than Camden market IMHO). I will list more later, need to get back to work now!

      • I’ll follow my nose to find the best ;)

  9. London is one of my two homes-away-from home, it’s hard to know where to begin. How long will you be there for?

    Without knowing, I’d suggest:

    Walk round the City of London on a weekend, when it’s a lot less busy. It’s the most fascinating mix of ancient and cutting edge, and is small enough to traverse a few times over. Start at the Strand/Fleet Street/Trafalgar Square, and walk by the Bank of England, Leadenhall Market, St Paul’s, The Tower, Smithfield, Farringdon, Barbican, and end up around Chancery Lane or Holborn.

    Check out Little Venice and have a drink canalside at the Waterway. Take a canal boat from there to Camden Town

    Spend an afternoon roaming round the South Bank, from Waterloo Bridge to London Bridge or even Tower Bridge. Pop in Borough Market for superb food.

    Get lost in Soho and Covent Garden in the evening

    Stroll King’s Road in Chelsea, and pop in at any of the cafes, and have a well-made nouveau English meal at the Pig’s Ear or Cross Keys. For just a pint, head up to South Ken for the Anglesea Arms. Not far away in South Ken, check out the V&A

    Check Time Out for currently hot eating venues as well as what’s going on in the city

    Oh, and DEFINITELY go to a comedy club (most consistently good but also most expensive will be the Comedy Store in Leicester Square, go to the midnight showing Friday or Saturday)

    • Thank you! Ooh I’m sooooo excited! Leaving tonight & returning Mondaymorning…

    • Yes, definitely agree with you about the South Bank, great walking and different sights to be seen, from the ultra-modern Tate Modern to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre – re-constructed very near the original 16th century site.
      Also the London Eye (large pod ferris wheel) is brilliant for views of London as far as the eye can see, prob best to book in advance, especially this coming weekend.

  10. You mention English breakfasts – my favourite is The Breakfast Club in Hoxton, it has a casual laid-back vibe, full of trendy Hoxtonites, its not a typical ‘greasy spoon’ cafe. From there is its easy to meander throught to Redchurch St I mentioned above, then down Brick Lane, through to Spitalfields Market. A ‘hidden gem’ in that area is at 18 Folgate St – a fascinating visit to the early 18th century where the tour is conducted in silence in order to live the experience. Highly recommended.
    Just over the road from the house is The Water Poet, a lovely pub (gastropub really) that does great food, inc roast lunches – a roast lamb or beef with yorkshire puddings is a must!
    If you visit the city you can catch the Docklands Light Railway, from Bank tube station south to Greenwich. It travels overland at a height so you get great views of buildings, houses & back gardens, allotments, canals, the city finance district. At Greenwich there is the Maritime Museum, markets, shops, bars and restaurants. Also the newly restored Cutty Sark clipper, well worth a visit. You can walk the hill in the park up to the Royal Observatory – the basis of longitude for GMT time. Great views of London city from the top.
    Or, still on the DLR, you could go north from Bank to Stratford, home of the Olympic site. Some great views of the site are from the viewing platform in the John Lewis store in Westfield shopping mall!

    • WOW, so detailed :D Thank you lots! I guess I have to stay for a week…

      • Oh, and re cream teas. Personally I think its a bit steep to pay €50 for what is essentially a pot of tea, neatly-cut sandwiches and a fancy cake. But it is a very trad British thing to do. For beautiful surroundings you can’t beat The Wolseley in Piccadilly, next door to The Ritz. It’s the most beautiful building with chandeliers & marble floors….sometimes you need to book in advance for an afternoon tea time slot. Think thats it for now!
        Oh, London public transport is supposed to be the most expensive in Europe, but if you buy an Oyster Card at the first tube station you arrive at on a ‘pay as you go’ basis it makes a big difference in price. You just zap in and out if the tube, DLR and zap in only for buses.
        I hope you have a lovely time, and if you do want to see the Queen, she and all the royal family will be on a flotilla of boats and barges along the Thames on Sunday – major crowds and heavy security though!

    • I loooooove the menu (&prices look fine!) of the Water Poet.

      What does DLR mean?

  11. Our hostes has the Oyster Cards waiting for us :)
    ThX again!

  12. DLR is Docklands Light Rail, a sort of commuter train in the East End

  13. That breakfast looks great. :) i have never been to London, so dont know. I read London Caller’s blog, so maybe you can ask LC. Come over to my blog and you will find that LC comments which will lead you to that blog. Cant miss the flag. :)

  14. As I wrote in my blog, if the weather is decent enough, the Ladies Pond is quite the experience! Hampstead Heath in itself is beautiful and oh so very English. Hampstead and Highgate and very charming neighborhoods to check out. The Highgate cemetary and Waterlow Park are beautiful. I’m just giving you a bit of the off the beat and track kind of advice, but there is so much to do!

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