Euro 2012

Even I got the fever….

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8 Comments to “Euro 2012”

  1. It’s nearly impossible to avoid getting swept up by the fever! (See you at “Kalovačko Korner”!)

  2. Lol, when I saw Euro (I assumed) you meant Eurovision…whoops! Silly me ;)

  3. There’s always a Karlovačko Korner – I spent a lot of time at one in Berlin during the 2006 World Cup. Currently there’s one in Poznan, in addition to those on home soil. Super fun!

  4. I have long found the Ustaša leanings of Torcida Hajduk Split troubling – really hate to see this behavior on display outside the confines of Poljud. It’s depressing to me.

  5. I still find it depressing. And in this tournament, the CRO team is the only one bad enough to get fined. Now they’re going home, anyway. But it’s been a very different display from the Croatian fans this year than at Euro 2008.

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