Turkish Pogaca in Amsterdam

Don’t you love it when your friends experiment on you to test recipes? My Turkish friend decided to go back to her roots and made us Turkish Pogaca…. In my kitchen :) for a first time they were extremely good, the stuffing with feta cheese and Mediterranean herbs was tasty. Excellent late night dinner. Thank you!



4 Comments to “Turkish Pogaca in Amsterdam”

  1. Wow, these look insanely good. I really love the varying sizes and that beautiful gloss on the top of the pastry. If they taste as good as they look, then big wow!

    • They did/do! The various sizes are the result of my Turkish friend & her assistant discussing what size would be best. The small ones looked very cute, but they were more of a dry bun than a pogaca stuffed with cheese. Noone tested that huge one yet..

  2. Turkish food is so tasty. Specialy if your are locky living Amsterdam or London were there are thousands places to taste some of best turkey desserts

  3. They look like knishes! There are cheese knishes but not with Feta; that sounds delicious.

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