España/ Razones

I always loved Spain.

I love Spanish food, Spanish people, Spanish music and I would love to have lots of time when I visit Spain again, so I could drive around and visit all my Spanish friends and their homes; I’ve got so many places and people I would like to visit.. in Cuenca,  Madrid, Valladolid, La Coruña, Bilbao, Tarifa, Las Palmas…. perhaps I forgot a place?
*edit@ 24-07-2012: Barcelona, Seville…
*edit@ 25-07-2012: Almeria… (sorry people I forgot you!)

One wish when I do so is to see my favourite Spanish singer live; Bebe.

This one is for my Spanish teacher;
I., te voy a echar de menos… 

7 Responses to “España/ Razones”

  1. I have always said that Spain is best country to eat, sleep and have fun. But people living in Spain is not as happy as visitors.

    Anyway at least on weekend we can forget about crisis and politics relaxing in the beach

    • I know! That’s why I have (met) so many Spanish friends in Amsterdam. They’re all young, educated, intelligent and willing to work, but they see no opportunities in Spain anymore. Most of them came to Amsterdam for internships, job experiences or jobs they are way too skilled for. What they all have in common, is their eagerness. They don’t give up and most of them plan to one day return to their beloved Spain, that’s why they are all working so hard now over here.

  2. Wow it sounds awesome, and I have not visited Spain…I want to come with next time!

  3. Yes, we too were there recently and met young people who were leaving the country because they saw no work prospects in Spain. We loved our time there, for the food, and the people too. Let’s hope this crisis will not last long, though I fear there there will be pain in Spain for a while yet.

  4. so sweet. you are invited to Cuenca ;)


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