The smell of Sunday

My house smells like Sunday. It’s comforting, embracing, relaxing..




I still had veil from Croatia in the tiny freezer, add up some herbs I picked in Croatia and dried myself, a good Spanish wine, a few Amsterdam- bought ingredients, love and patience and there’s the Smell of Sunday.

Is there any smell that can make your day and instantly make you feel happy?


7 Comments to “The smell of Sunday”

  1. Yes! The smell of beef stew slowly cooking through the day during a cold winter.

    That, by the way, looks delicious!

    • Now you mention it, it smells a bit like a fall or winter stew and it’s summer in Amsterdam! Well I love this smell anytime and the preparation is my way of meditating ;)
      Thanks for your comment & like.

  2. smell of coffee in the morning. smell of sweet rice cooking.
    and the characteristic body smell of some attractive men :)

  3. Thanks so much for sharing what you do. I look forward to travelling and cooking with local ingredients shortly. Hearing about your ingredients and this post makes me a well as impatient ;)

  4. Cooking & baking are my definite ways to relax and if there’s a touch of vanilla (in a dessert) or freshly roasted chicken, I’m pretty much content :)

  5. White Sage leaves burning, Nag Champa incense….sauteed onions too :)

  6. It would have to be the smell of a roast Sunday lunch, beef and Yorkshire pudding or roast pork, crackling and apple sauce. This is real home-cooked British food which is very hard to recreate in a restaurant.

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