Greetings from Ljubljana

The view on Ljubljanski Grad from the room of the hostel…


7 Comments to “Greetings from Ljubljana”

  1. That’s the view from the hostel?! Wow, that’s got to be some pricey Ljubljana real estate. Hope you’re going to the film festival up at the Castle. That’s probably my favorite activity in the city.

  2. wonderful view! and at hostel price, you have got a winner :)

  3. I just love Ljubljana, tromost and Tivoli! :)

  4. In what Hostel did you stay? Asking cause I`m from Ljubljana :-)

    • The AVA art academy :)
      Very cheap and excellent location..

      Edit : Audio Visual Academy.. I never paid this little to spend a night. No breakfast, no extra’s just a bed. I’m in a private room now there right now

  5. Great view! I was in Ljubljana about two weeks ago, beautiful place. :)

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