Mlekomat (milkomat)

The Dutch consider themselves a milk-nation (They even drink milk for lunch with their raw herring iiiiiieeeeew).

Then why don’t we have any milkomats here? I love this concept which is spread all over Slovenia.

F.Y.I. : I very much dislike the Dutch milk, I did not consume any untill I was introduced to Slovenian milk about 10 years ago, I love the Slovenian Alp milk. The stuff the Dutch call milk, is for me a flavourless watery substance..


3 Comments to “Mlekomat (milkomat)”

  1. Slovenia is great! :) I loved their “Mleko z Bregov”!

  2. We have those in the Basque Country (northern Spain).. very handy, though so far I’ve only seen full fat milk. But at least it’s fresh and not UHT.

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