Breakfast at the office

After a healthy & active summer vacation I’m trying to keep up the good habits, here’s my breakfast today at the office:


What did you have for breakfast?

8 Comments to “Breakfast at the office”

  1. I had bread, butter, salami and big load of cheese on it :D Healthy is kept for the evening.

  2. Yay for healthy and active Summer! Even bigger “yay” for that legendary breakfast. :)

  3. bread with Belegen cheese, bread with Peanutbutter, ontbijtkoek with appelstroop. Eeeeeh, ok, I guess I’m happy to be back in the Netherlands?!! :)

  4. Impressive! But what about the breakfast you have at home BEFORE you get to the office? Bacon and eggs benedict? Porridge with honey? Industrial strength cappuccino?

    • Tried my first eggs benedict in London a couple of months ago, they’re not very common in The Netherlands. I can eat anything after waking up, if I consumed (a little too much) alcohol the night before. But in general, when I leave the house to get on the bike around 6.50 on the morning, I can not eat yet. I tried! Even an apple while cycling is already too much. In the weekends though, I make up with generous brunch buffets. And oh yes I looove bacon! Now yoghurt with fruits & muesli & a capucinno at the office.

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