Prekmurska Gibanica

Prekmurska Gibanica (layered cake from Prekmurje) is a moist dessert consisting of layers of poppy seed, cottage cheese, walnut and apple filling. It is protected under the Traditional Speciality Guaranteed Designation and can only be sold under its name when prepared according to the traditional recipe (Typical of Pannonian Slovenia, the region of Prekmurje.). The name Gibanica comes from dialectical expression güba and in this case refers to a fold.

For centuries Prekmurska gibanica was served as a festive and ritual dish in Prekmurje. The exact origin of the recipe is not clear. Early sources suggest that it evolved over centuries. The oldest extant document (1828) by József Kossics described the wedding (prek: “Gostüvanje) never goes by without gibanica, which is done as follows: “The dough is rolled until thin, sprinkled with grated cabbage, turnips or ricotta. All is covered by second layer of dough. It is sprinkled as previously. 10 or 11 such layers are thus composed and form a conspicuous cake.

One of these desserts is extremely filling and heavy. But sooooo amazingly tasty! Below you see a pic of our lunch after our visit to Trojane, Slovenia.

Prekmurska Gibanica

Prekmurska Gibanica


More info about what exactly is the Traditional Speciality Guaranteed Designation HERE.

10 Responses to “Prekmurska Gibanica”

  1. that looks really rich and decadent!

  2. Wow! Pastry and dough overlayed with cabbage or turnips and finished off with honey and nuts. Not only nutritious but chock filled with flavours. I’ve yet to try a cake like this but the layers of different toppings and flavours, no doubt makes it a challenge to bake!

  3. Aaaaa my mother makes the best gibanica ever! Love this dessert. But if you coun’t the calories then it’s a no go. 1 piece it’s about 800cal :/


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