I don’t really like drama movies….. I really don’t like fantasy movies….But this movie rocked!

Auroch cave drawing
Auroch cave drawing

It’s a bit heavy at times, it has some sensitive topics for me, but the visuals are beautiful and main actress Quvenzhané Wallis is amazing..
The water, the shellfish, that’s how I have imagined the New Orleans (& surroundings) swamps when I first read about it in one of Virgina Andrews’ books.

Beast it!
Beast it!

Here’s an interview with the movie-maker and the actors:

I’d recommend you to watch the movie if you can!

I watched it yesterday, in good company 🙂 , in Het Ketelhuis in the Westerpark in Amsterdam.
I don’t like (Hey, there’s a lot I don’t likes in this post 😉 ) the big commercial cinema’s in Amsterdam (Although I have never tried the private loveseat in the Tuschinski Cinema yet). Het Ketelhuis is firstly much more than just a cinema (and bar and restaurant), secondly it’s cosy, homey and intimate.